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diet failure!!

Well my binge a thon continued yesterday as i kind a knew it would told the head about all the problems at home which upset me so i ended up sitting there crying for about an hour!! So i went and did the drive of shame got the choc ate that then decided i needed a drink started to feel better after a couple of glasses then got hungry so had chicken tikka boiled rice naan and bhaji 3 million units used. I feel like such a failure i succeed at pretty much everything i have ever done so why cant i sort this out i just dont understand I want to be slim I want to be healthy I want to not be controlled by food and my weight:cry: Now I am back to the is this plan for me stage???? Please help
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I can't really comment on the diet itself as I'm not doing the unit diet but I just had to post and say I understand your predicament, as will any of us who uses food to 'self-medicate'.

But you're not a diet failure ... someone who knows what the problem is but is just struggling to overcome it does not sound like a failure to me.
You haven't given up - therefore you haven't failed.

Hugs xx
Ahh babe:hug99: you must so disapionted,would make it easyer maybe if you did something that has goup meetins I know you have been abit lonely with no one to talk this week everybobdy seems to have fallen off the face of the earth.I am on here most of the time so if you feel the need to talk then just pm me i dont mind if it helps.xx
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Kate, we've all done it, sadly chances are most of us will all do it again but we are only human and sometimes life gets in the way of our good intentions.
Draw a line under it. You have to, beating yourself with the guilt stick never helped anyone. You seemed to be quite enjoying this diet so why not start afresh. You are unlikely to have put all 5.5lbs back on so weigh again and make that your start weight and off you go again.
Or, if that feels impossible how about the food diary route? I did that in 2002 and lost 4stone and now have started again (as 2 stone had quietly and univitedly crept back!). I am not following a 'diet' as such but because I have to write EVERYTHING down I am less inclined to eat a) the wrong things and b) too much in one go. My real problem in life is biscuits, I love them and can easily polish off 6 at a time, however I can't bear to write 6 in my diary, far too shaming. So I have 2 or even 3 but never more than that. I am only 4 days into my diary but I know I can and will keep it going. In 2002 i kept it every day without fail from May 1st to December 31st. I should never have stopped!

Sending you hugs, wishing you a happier weekend and less self criticism.

Hiya Katie :)

The one thing I can promise you is that if you beat yourself up then it will just lead you to do it again.

At the end of the day you are human (as we all are) and humans don't always do it right everytime, self acceptance is something key to loosing weight and more importantly maintaining weight loss and is something we all struggle with.

If you can just get your head round it, put it down to experience, grow from it and move on then you can still get to where you want to get to, never give up and believe in yourself and if you can do it with a smile on your face you'll get there and you'll be fine.

Have a nice weekend.

Thanks all i was loving the diet and is not the diets fault that i went off rails this is a plan i feel i could do for life and so i will carry on as there are not many diets that you enjoy. Im going to go back to weighing in on a friday though as i struggle over weekends so this will give me a chance to pull back if needed. Will definatly try with the food diary and aim to write before i bite!!! xx:eek: