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Diet/No Added Sugar drinks... Where's the line drawn between syn-free and syns?


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Anyone know what the official "guidelines" are on "low calorie" drinks as in what number of calories/%age per serving is actually syn free? One of my local stores have a variety of drinks listed as "No Added Sugar" - some are 1cal (or less) some though go up to 10cal - and not sure where the line actually gets drawn. Thanks. (have looked briefly on the Slimming World website but can't find any information there).

I'd just like to know so I can make on the spot judgement between a "No added sugar" drink at say 7cals per serving or one at 1cal per serving.

Bit like "virtually fat free" items (Tesco's "Yoo" yogurts spring to mind) that are so high in sugar (theirs is added, but drinks may be naturally occuring) that they are synned.

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Well, I know that nearly all diet soda and coke is free, and I'm sure that certain varieties of Ribena and other branded squashes are free too. If you're not sure, look it up on the Syn Values forum.

As I type I'm sipping on a diet cherry coke. :D Mmmm... Caffine.


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I think it's 10cal or less per 100ml,
not sure but this is how I work out if a drink is free or not,
I remember reading it somewhere but don't remember where lol


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Working on the theory that one syn equates to around 20 cals, i try to avoid anything thats more than 20 cals in one can or bottle.


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Just found this thread so thanks for starting it.
I have also been told that <1 cal fizzy drinks are definitley free and the squashes that say no added sugar with 4 cals or less per 100ml when diluted - are free.

Just checked the syns calculator online for both C-Vit blackcurrant squash and Vimto (both no added sugar) which are 2 cals per 100 ml and they are free. Up to 4 cals per 100 ml also comes out free.

5 cals per 100 ml = 1/2 syn, 8 cals per 100 ml = 1 syn.


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Im sure its <10 cal

I am really sure i read it somewhere... now where i don't know lol

If you think of it then 10 cals would = 1/2 syn so it would make sense that it has to be below that 10 cal mark


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salad dressings at <10 cal/100mls are free so I guess the same applies to drinks?
I'm a Pepsi Max addict but would like to start to drink the no added sugar squashes; but it's always worried me as I drink a lot of fluids in a day and sugar free squashes are higher in calories than Pepsi Max or similar.


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salad dressings at <10 cal/100mls are free so I guess the same applies to drinks?
Err not quite! It is very unlikely that you will have 100mls of salad dressing in one go. But when you make up the squash - usually to about to 250mls - you are having 2.5 times the cals. So one with 10cals per 100mls diluted actually comes out at 25 cals so 1 & a bit syns!

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