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Diet vs Blood group?


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My sister is very much into an holistic approach to life and she recently read a book that suggested that different blood groups are affected by different food groups. She is now eatings and leaving out foods based upon this and she believes she feels a great deal better.

Has anyone else done this or has any thoughts on it? Does it work or is it all nonsense?

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I have heard about this, though I can't really remember it. At the time, I thought it made sense, but right now, I'm on a budget and if eating carbohydrates isn't compatible with my blood group, then oh well, because potatoes are cheap as chips (excuse my pun)

It may be something I may look into in the future, but right now, I know that with SW I'm eating more healthily, and that, my friend, is a bloody good start :)

There are many different conflicting ideas on how to eat properly out there, but I think that enjoying food is quite important :)


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I have had no experience of the holistic way, but have read about some of the foods they recommend and all of them are good sensible things to eat.

To be honest I feel out of my depth here and would love to know more.

If your sister is feeling well, it can only be good.


synful soul
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I have read that in some countries - Japan in particular - they think that your blood groups says a great deal about your character. People ask about your blood group on a first date!! And employers ask too. Magazines publish blood-type horoscopes (probably about as accurate as astrological ones!!). There is no scientific basis for any of it.


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I work with a lady who follows this diet. She has lost weight but I am not suprised as she eats very little i.e a handfull of nuts and an apple for lunch. She does say she feels a lot better in herself. I could not follow this diet as it cuts lots of things out.

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