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can anyone do me a really BIG favour. could someone write up a weeks worth of diet for me using cheap and easy foods as im skint at moment and dont wanna do the free diet on sw website anymore as its costing me a fortune, i havent got any books thats why i need your help. thankyou xx
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Have you had a look at the food diaries section??


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or the recipe thread? and put together the stuff you like


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its difficult for someone to write you up one, as they dont know what you like or what days you want - its much easier if you do it yourself, plus it doesnt feel like a diet if you are choosing what you want to eat! if someone is forcing upon you something you aren't keen on, you wont stick to it and are more likely to cheat. take a look around the recipe and food diary sections and pick what you would like to eat! Its much more enjoyable when you can choose yummy dinners that you know you are going to love.
Good luck!


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I thought I read somewhere that you were doing the week's menu from the website?

As has been said, there are plenty of food diaries in the sticky area above for you to take ideas from. It's very difficult to write a menu up for someone else. I struggle to write one up for myself LOL.

You will find it much easier when you get your books on Monday when you join class. You did say you were joining on Monday didn't you?

You will find it all so much easier then


i love minimins me :)
as everyone said, it is quite hard to write a meal plan cos we dont know what u like but heres a quick idea

cereal for breakfast
get a big bag of pasta, have with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, onions anything ya like really
jacket potatoes with beans, tuna, egg n tomato
loaf of bread and have sandwiches as healthy extras
eggs - fried, scrambled or omelletes
potaotes- have sw chips, wedges and roasties

jus try and stick to green days as meat is quite expensive atm

or have pasta n sauces and low fat noodles which are free :)



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i would eat healthly until you get the books, it too hard to do the diet without the aid of the books and the SW (member) website...
you can look @ our meal plans or the recipe thread for some ideas they're all there to help you.
when are you joining a class? if you dont want to go reguarly just join for the books then go your own way... although i do find i go to class for the website password. Im always wanting to know syn values
good luck

passata is good you can add stuff to it to make spag bol or chilli it's very cheap most supermarkets do their cheap version of it and i dont think you can taste any difference!
Jacket spud's, pasta in sauces, rice

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baked beans are a cheap easy eat and you can do them in loads of different ways its hard when your skint but if you buy stuff thats cheap and fills you up its easier, try making a pan of veg soup using some root vegetables and a tin of chickpeas or something thats nice and will do you for a day or two if you put it in the fridge or freezer