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Dieters restaurant - an Idea


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Hi, I am a SW follower, and this week have been having a hair brained idea about looking into the idea of a 'dieters' restaurant.
Initially thought of the SW plan, but thought it would be good to include a few of the main diet plans in the idea.
So the menu would be devised to fit with the relevant plans.
So meals to include free food and synned for SW and pointed for WW and the calories, GI etc for other plans.
Which brings me to my Q's

1) would you be interested in using a 'dieters' restaurant for lunch/dinner if there was one locally??

2) i don't really know anything about WW other than you count points. so a quick crash course on the plan would be fab :)
and a rough idea on how many points some basic foods are.

for eg a SW lunch favourite of mine is 4 Quorn deli ham slices, 2 eggs 'fried' in frylight and SW home made chips....... now on the SW plan all of this is free food so can just be eaten.
How many points would that be???

and a pasta dish of pasta shapes ( as much pasta as you like) leek and peas with a sauce made from 1oz philadelphia light garlic and herbs was just 2.5 syns.
how many points would that be???

just trying to get a feel for how my SW recipes would come up on the points scale.

so any help would be great, and any other ideas in put would also be good.

The SW thread for this is here http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/166319-sw-restaurant.html

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Honey, I have spoken about this too. I have thought that a restaurant that catered for most eating plans would be a brilliant idea.

I would have a menu with different dishes, to cater for different eating plans. e.g. your free lunch would be in the SW section, but I would have low pointed lunches in the ww section.
Veg curry would do both, with rice on a green day would be free and for ww it would be served with 200g (4 points) of rice.
Baked potatoes would do both, but you can choose your filling whether it would be a free filling e.g. beans for sw or low point like tuna and low fat mayo for ww.
I would definetly use a restaurant like that where the points were on the menu, and you knew exactly what you are eating rather than food that is prepared and cooked in high fat foods (oil, cheese, butter etc.) which you think may be a safe choice, but are actually very high.
Great idea, just wish I had the money to go for it!! x


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I just can't understand why people haven't jumped on this bandwagon before now!! I honestly think such restaurants/cafes would make an absolute fortune!! People want to feel empowered and in control when eating out and I for one panic at not knowing or having to guestimate syn values!! Looks like I'm going to have to move to Suffolk then!!X


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We have one in Liverpool!

Ok, so not a restaurant, but a little cafe, Skinniemalinx, I've only used it once as I'm not actually in the city centre that often, but it seemed to be doing well when I was there!

Hi yeah, i have had a look at their website, thought i'd contact them see what advise they can offer.

Can anyone give me a bit of a crash course in WW pleassssssssse
i think it would be a fantastic idea to have a place to go where you dont feel bad eating (i think people stare and laugh at me when i eat out due to being overweight) so it would be fab to eat out where everyone is in the same boat. and it would be great to have the food pointed so that you could just walk in and pick something without having to work it out before you go.
if you do give this a go i wish you all the luck you need xx:)
i think that would be a great idea hun x
fab idea Honey. I assume you have posted your request for help on the ww part of minimims? If desperate, you could always join ww and sit through a few meetings? Might be worth the money! Also ww uk has a free to join official forum for some good help and info.
Hi, yeah, wanted some WW info, i have now got the WW pack from a friend who has now come over to SW. so have been studying, to see how many points my meal ideas would work out too. Will check out the WW forum, thanks.
I did the ww core plan 2 years ago and lost 2 stone on that diet, which was fab. You can still do core but they now call it something else (simply filling or filling foods) and don't promote it much. Speculation had it that was because on core nobody bought the w.w. goodies, go figure! (I weighed in at s.w. though, because it was easier to get to!!). I have now come over to the s.w. way of eating this time round! ww have websites with forums also in usa, canada, australia and south africa, all of which will give you more info.

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