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Dieting In An Office Environment


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Since starting my office job (about 9 months ago), I seem to have gained 7 pounds. I know why: General eating rubbish & having little excercise. Before this job, I'd frequently walk to university & dieting seemed a lot easier when I was at home.

So any tips from fellow office workers? I need to stay away from the vendor! :eek:
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Its a nightmare at work when all the women are always bringing in cakes, i stay away and bring my own snacks such as nuts, seeds and fruit... watch them get fat while i enjoy healthy foods :)
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I know exactly what you mean, I've only been at this office job for a few months and I'm finding it harder than ever. It doesnt help that its a good 8 hours of your day (not including travelling) where you cant get up off your chair for more than a few minutes!

Bringing your own food will definately help, if you make the effort to make nice food, you're more likely to eat it rather than follow your colleagues in eating their crisps and biscuits! Have a drawer full of fruit and some low cal cup soups and have them when everyone else reaches for the cakes.

And always make sure you take advantage of your lunch time and go for a walk, doesnt matter where, stretch your legs, get some fresh air and a bit of exercise, you'll be more likely to keep off the snacks in the afternoon then.


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S: 10st13lb C: 8st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 20.8 Loss: 2st0lb(18.3%)
Thanks guys for the advice. Really appreciate it! Just got round to reading them :eek: So far, I've lost weight by looking forward to a Boots Shapers lunch which eggs me on not to snack & if I do get peckish, I'll have a slim-a-soup.


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sugar free jelly!!!

that's my tip. lol. i make up little pot of it - if you buy the hartleys jelly, one sachet is only 32 cals and it makes up about 4-5 party cup size jellys. i just grab one of those out of the fridge when i feel a snack attack coming on (or if people in the office have choccie that is tempting!) good luck...


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i initially put on a stone from when i started my office job, always treats in the office and a fantastic eating area that does breakfast as well as great lunches hot and cold.
so yeah i pigged out.
realised i was ballooning and said to myself enough is enough.
i go to the work gym at lunch. have my own breakfast at home now. and if running l;ate take my own breakfast in (shake).
and recently bought an ab belt.
i now try and stand more at my desk, and keep fidgiting and tapping my feet as every little helps.
movement = burning calories.
i have lost the stone now, and intent to loose more as i am doing cambridge now.
learning to say "no thanks" is a must.


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sugar free jelly!!!
I completely agree! Sugar free jelly is my savior!

Its low calorie (mainly water) and has a sweet taste. It also fills me up for a short while to get over a craving. Really good stuff to have in the fridge.


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Since leaving college 2 years ago I put on 30lbs due to being in an office environment and that was even when I was walking to work 20 mins there and 20mins back every day. It was because I was eating **** from the garage across the road, drinking multiple cups of tea and trekking to the vending machine whenever I got bored.

Since I've been working from home I've managed to lose weight because I can control what food I've been exposed to. I've just started some temp work in an office and have so far (it's only been two days) been able to eat nothing but fruit and have turned down cups of tea, these boys must drink 10 cups a day! I'm also in the middle of nowhere so I can't walk to the shop and get chocolate!

Hopefully it'll keep going well even when I get a full time office job because I've lost some weight and I've got the motivation to go the whole hog this time!


i really don't know life
S: 13st7lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.5 Loss: 1st12lb(13.76%)
do you like fruit teas? i drink oodles of those, as well as one black coffee with 2 sweeteners first thing in the morning with my brekkie. the lads in my office have started to get used to me and just bring me a mug of boiling water now so i can add my own herbal teabag at my desk! i also keep a bottle of pepsi max in the fridge and a couple of flavours of no added sugar fruit juice to keep me topped up during the day. i do wee quite a lot (sorry tmi!!) but i'm always hydrated and that's always a good thing!

i found it quite hard to adjust to an office job, where i'm sat down near enough all day as i used to work in a shop doing 11 hour shifts 4 times a week. i must have burned loads off cals, pushing big cages around! don't miss it though, twas knackering!

i guess the trick is to keep busy and keep your mind off food. i'm going to start going for walks on my lunch breaks as well - rather than sit at my computer and scran down! i've just joined the walking challenge and am going to invest in a pedometer. it will be interesting to see how many (or how few) steps i actually take in a day!

good luck jettica, we're here to support you if you're bored and peckish at your desk!
Hello.. A Damsel in Distress

Hello to all

I would like to know, how do you maintain a healthy body if your work requires you to render service in the night shift? I hope you could reply back to me.


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