Diets that history forgot


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i have just watch the first episode of the program the diets that history forgot.

really good, basically its nine heavy people of mixed ages that have been put in a mansion house and experiencing three weeks of three past diets.

Three per team

Team 1 doing the victorian diet
Team 2 doing the Edwardian diet
Team 3 doing the 20's diet

The victorian team are eating weighed meals that are mainley all protein based no carbs along with the excerises of that era.

the Edwardians are doing a mixd diet with lots of carbs, bit... they have to chew every mouthful of every thing thirty times then swallow, if there is any thing left in the mouth it haqs to spat out. Also they are only allowed a restricted time to eat the meal. With Edwardian excersice.

The 20's meals are the first every calories restrictive meals.. salads, vegs, friut.

All have to wear the traditional dress of the era as well. With 20's excersice.

Worth a watch

Phil x
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I watched this show, I really wouldn't want to be the edwardians. Hearing a bell when I am meant to swallow, bit pavlovan.



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yeh this was on last year I think, I watched it then. The ones that have to chew 30 times, just get bored of eating I think! I honestly think I would to having to chew every mouthful 30 times!