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I think the worst one for me has to be the atkins. Was a good kick starts when i dieted a few years back but the thought now of what it must have done to my insides,not good!!! x


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Oh lord!! Apart from "lose wheat, lose weight", Slimming pills (Xenical - let's not go there:sick0019:) The most crazy diet was the Vitaline (think that's what it was called). I'm not saying it doesn't work but you had to eat tiny cubes of veg (called nibbles or something similar) or protein every 15 minutes during your waking hours. I walked around with small tubs of chopped up food and kept getting strange looks from everyone when i lifted out my wee tubs of chicken etc. Needless to say i lasted about a week on it before i gave up:eek:.

Weird and wonderful!!
Is xenical that bad,I used to work in a pharmacy and most people say it gives them the runs but it should only give them that if there food contains high fat level. :)
my weight loss is going very slow dont know if it could be the amount of exercise I have been doing but I am doing everything right so I was going to ask doc for it but bit scared incase I get the runs all the time:sick0019::sign0131:
Are you sure your doc will give it to you? Once you say you are doing ww I would imagine you will be left to it!

My worst diet was CD, it was a fab diet, lost the weight really quickly, but managed to mess up my head for over 2 years. I lost 3 stone in 3 months, and now am heavier than I was when I started CD.....I think it works for some people but the amount of people who struggle through it, stopping, restarting and VLCD being the ONLY way they can lose weight is madness.....I am soooo glad I am out of that loop now!

I think ww is great, I have only lost 8.5 since the beginning of Jan and it really is a drop in the ocean, but I am enjoying it and I am enjoying the exercise I have taken up, which hopefully will do me good in the long run!

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