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Different Scales and Weights


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Can I ask a question? I am not a scale hopper. I bought a new set of scales last Wednesday and took them to CDC that same night and compared weights - they were exactly the same. I then brought them home and again, they were exactly the same. Since then I have not weighed myself. However, on a daily basis I see on this forum different threads like "yeey, I have lost 3lb in 4 days" and "I am 2lb lighter than yesterday" etc.

My question is - does that weight STAY off until your next weigh in? Does your weight not fluctuate from say, this morning until Wednesday night (using that as an example)?

I don't think I am wording this very well, I hope you all know what I am trying to say. Like, do you really take any notice of what you are losing on a daily basis and does it add up by the time you have your official weigh-in?
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Hey Mia,

You are right not to be a scale hopper! It's recommended that you weigh yourself in the same clothes (or naked) at the same time of day once a week maximum. This is because your weight fluctuates throughout the day/week dependent on what you have eaten or drunk. For example, you will weigh more after you've eaten or drunk, and less first thing after no food/drink overnight.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your weight loss.

Bessie x


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I don't think there's anything wrong with weighing daily when on Cambridge, as it's so quick, especially at the beginning, and that can be quite motivating in the first few days.

The trick is to only treat the weekly weigh ins as 'official' and not to get pushed off balance by stoopid scales that can't accurately tell the difference between water and fat.
I am a little bit of a scale hopper in the sense that before my official CD weigh in, I always weigh myself that morning (post-wee, naked!!) and sometimes after 3 or 4 days I have a mid week weigh in on my scales.

If I have lost weight at home I have always also lost at my weigh in, but I would imagine water fluctuations/possible gains would be most noticeable for daily weighers??

Not sure if I have answered your Q??? hope it helps anyway...


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My CDC weighs me on my own scales. i know that i am usually 1lb heavier in the afternoon than the morning, so for example, i was 11st 5 last monday PM WI, this morning i weighed 11st 1lb - so in my head i think, right if i can keep that off then i should be roughly 11st 2lb at weigh in, so will have a 3lb loss this week.

hope that i understood your question and that i make sense:confused:

i weigh everyday, dont think there is anything wrong with it, its nice to see im doing something right, and also if i cheat i see it straight away as it certainly puts me off.
i actually take more notice of my first thing in the morning weight than i do when CDC weighs me on a monday afternoon as that surely is less accurate unless you drink & wee & weigh exactly the same times in the same clothes on weigh days?:confused:


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Hey Mia...
I totally know where your coming from..
I go on the scales every day as a course of habbit really.. but mine go up and down all the time. the only losses i count are those when I go to my cdc... as they are the final losses and the one I would personally right down on my sheet.. Not so sure what others do though..
Hope your ok hon .. xx


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I too weigh every day-always first thing in the morning in my underwear. I always take notice of my own scales-because I am usually weighed in the afternoon and with my shoes on, which can make a huge difference sometimes! Every little bit helps! Saying that I have even counted my own scales when my CDC's have said I lost more than my own did....


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I weigh everyday but what i notice is some days I will retain water and one day i was 6lbs by night time than i was on that morning but id been 100% its probably not advisable to weigh each day but every couple of days should do just as motivation really if your sticking 100% or if youve had a blip to give you the kick up the bum you might need lol Either way the CDC's WI is the official you need to keep to. I lost the same on my scales as my CDC's my first week
I have digital scales and thought that they couldn't be wrong, but not so sure.......My CDC scales seem to weigh me much lighter than my own. I still haven't reached my CDC scales weight from last week according to mine. It's driving me mad.
I have a sneaky suspision she may have tampered with hers he he he!!!!!!!!!!
:ashamed0005::ashamed0005:duh I feel such a fool!!!!!!

Had my weigh in today only 3lb lost but according to my scales it was zero so not as bad as I thought.

Then I had a eureka moment. We live in an old cottage with creaky wooden floors, so i brought my scales outside and they are bang on the same as CDC.!!!!!!!!!!!

I take back everything i said in my previous post!!!!!!!!lol:ashamed0005:


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I dont think its a good idea to weigh yourself everyday. I weighed myself on Sunday and they said that I was 1lb over what I was on Thursday when I started CD and had been on my CDCs scales. Both were digital scales but mine must be wrong. I'm just going to stick to my once a week WI with my CDC and trust her scales otherwise I'll do my own head in!


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I have chosen not to be told my weight at the moment, just the losses, but my hubby LOVES weighing me at the moment...he will tell me how many pounds i have lost, but i dont get my hopes up just in case its different to the cdc scales...i tend to be 1lb lighter on the cdc scales than the home ones...but you just never know so its not worth the torment (or disappointment!lol)


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I usually wait for offical weigh in but I've been picking this week so went to boots. It said I've lost 2.5lbs which is rubbish but good if you've been naughty like me :sigh::break_diet:

I would always wait - nice surprise - or not for me this week (bad girl!!)


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"My name is Jen and I am a scale-o-holic" Lol!

I weigh myself every morning and night, I just can't stay away!
Sometimes it is really inspiring (losing 2-3lb in a day) and at other times I want to get off the scales and walk straight to the fridge!
Ah well.........



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I weigh every day too but only count the official Friday morning weigh ins at CDC's :)

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