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Difficult weekend

Oh dear. Not expecting much this week :sigh::break_diet:

Have been "running alongside the wagon holding on for grim death" since Friday (I've not fallen off totally, which I suppose I should see as a positive...)

I've wanted to go out and eat EVERYTHING in sight, chinese, curry, chippy, kfc, cake. I have resisted, slightly, but "loosened the reins" and had steak & mushroom pie on Saturday, and a piece of cake. Just in the hope that by letting myself have "some" naughtiness I won't find myself in the all-you-can-eat chinese restaurant soon!

The really annoying thing is that I *want* to be slim. So, whereas the last time I did SW I wouldn't mind eating badly, now I just see it as a huge setback. Especially when I know that if I have a little bit of norty now, I'll want a big bit tomorrow.

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah...Why is it all so difficult!
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Years and years and years of having what we like isnt easy to 'convert'/

Dont beat yaself up, it happens. Reflect, focus and keep going :)

you CAN do this xxx
I so sympathise with you Emmy Lou. I am in exactly the same frame of mind myself this weekend. I have written in capital letters on the top of today and tomorrows page of my food journal (the handwritten one) I WILL BE 13 STONE BY CHRISTMAS!!! - DRINK MORE WATER.
It's a little bit helpful because I look at it whenever I eat something and log it. Problem is, I eat first & write later. But I do think that it's stopping me from breaking open the giant toblerone I somehow managed to buy in the duty free shop in Amsterdam at the beginning of the month. Like you, I think that I am only being a little bit naughty, but have a sneaky feeling that there is trouble brewing.
We WILL keep to our resolve.
We Do want to be slim and have done really well so far.
This is not the time to waver.
LOL I am hoping to pursuade myself as well as you.
Well done you!! I just are everything I wanted to, so well done to you for at least abit of will power! Man I hate myself! You're right its just a rubbish self-sabotage! And a massive setback! Good luck for the coming week :D
tell me about it Emmylou ive been running alongside that wagon with you desperately trying to hold on but finding it soooooo hard and like you i really want to lose the weight this time too. well done on your weight loss so far youve done really well :)

why dont you write down the reasons why you want to lose weight and put it somewhere you can see it like on the fridge, in your purse etc.....really should do something like that myself lol. i really hope you get a loss at your next WI xx


Is so doing it this time
Emmylou1402 :hug99: Hannahkw1 :hug99: awww hunny bunnys its awful when you feel like that and you just keep craving something..... but it never quite hits the spot. Could it be that time of the month perhaps, sometimes you just need to give your body what it wants. Well done for running alongside the wagon hun!.... that made me laugh and Hannah please don't hate yourself. Tomorrow in a new day... wipe the slate clean and start over. We all have bad days but don't give up because of them cos then they have won. Someone said to me in a post recently after I crashed.... don't let one bay day turn into a bad week and then give up all together..... it was only ONE BAD DAY..... forgive yourself and love yourself. You will do this.... believe in yourself...... close your eyes and imagine being slim..... keep that picture of yourself in your head.... recall it when you feel like blowing it..... believe you can do it and you will! xx
well its only my first week on sw n i messed up big time on sat ... ended up out drinking far too may rose wines n then had a indian takeaway .... so angry with myself its only week one n i have already failed lol
dreadin tues weigh in now


Is so doing it this time
RG hun don't worry, life happens. If you were good the rest of the week you may even get away with it. Sometimes we're not ready in our heads to lose weight or maybe this is just what you needed to give you the push and help you realise what you really want. If you let it it'll take you down..... you'll end up not going to WI and that'll be the beginning of the end..... be strong and remind yourself life is full of ups and downs and remember what you want to achieve.

If I eat out I want to enjoy what I'm eating not necessarily make "good choices" I want to have what I want to have! But now I realise that actually I want to be slim more that anything so for now I'll make "good choices" then when I'm where I want to be I can have the occasional meal out and have what I want.... its knowing it wont be forever that keeps me going sometimes. Sorry if it sounded like a lecture it wasn't meant to be xx
didnt sound like a lecture it made a lot of sense thank u ;-) ...... just wish i had more will power n also wish i didnt love food n beer so bloody much haha

thanks for the words of wisdom i will keep at it n let u know how dreaded tues wi goes
Good luck to all of you!!

Second week for me, and as you can see by my food diary, I've not done great!! But hey, its gonna take me waaaay more than two weeks to shift this lard, so I'm seeing it as the bigger picture!! I can do it in the long run, and hating myself now isn't gonna help that!!

Lets dust ourselves off and and start afresh!!

Well I picked myself up and dusted myself off and gave myself a bit of a talking to. And it's WI in 12 hours and, do you know what, I'm not worried.

I got back on plan Sunday night, with a beautiful dinner of garlic king prawns, rice and veggies. Carried it through into Monday, lunch was an uncle ben's pouch (is there a "godsend when working smilie"?) and lots of fruit and yoghurts, and Monday night was chicken, rice and veggies.

And today - well, it's payday. So I treated myself for lunch, to a HUGE salad from the spenny sandwich shop. And a mega-fruit-salad.

This evening I've learned to make a cheese sauce from scratch (1 a box, and 1 syn :D) and made a chickeny-macaroni-cheese thing.

I think a lot of mine was hormonal. Boobies are feeling really rather tender, and so I'm expecting AF in the next couple of days.

I'm just rather chuffed with myself that I didn't give in to the cravings entirely, I rationalised that 25 syns of steak, ale and mushroom pie is better than 25 syns of pizza (as it came with potatoes and veggies rather than chips and dip!), I made a conscious decision to eat it rather than just blindly jumping into something that I would regret.

Will come back tomorrow with the figures. And if it's not positive, then at least I enjoyed the pie!
didnt sound like a lecture it made a lot of sense thank u ;-) ...... just wish i had more will power n also wish i didnt love food n beer so bloody much haha

thanks for the words of wisdom i will keep at it n let u know how dreaded tues wi goes
How did you get on chick?? I've had a bad week too, WI for me should be Thurs evening but i'm going to the 10am Saturday one instead :wave_cry:
Well, I weighed in this morning...and I've STS. :scale:

I can't believe how happy I felt, not to have gained. I'm going "back to basics" where possible (I have a big meeting tomorrow, and lunch will be provided but that should be my only "off plan" for the week) and hoping that this means that the next shiny (and my pebble) is mine next week :cross:

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