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I have prevoiusly tried LL and Cambridge and know how successful they can be.

My dilemma is this..... I struggled with both diets and eventually gave up and joined WW. The main reason I think I failed is that me and hubby have such a good social life. Saturday night out at the pub Eating all day sunday recovering, livener sunday night etc.. you know how it goes.

Anyway I joined ww last week and have just finished week 1. My husband has gone abroad to work and isn't coming home for 11 weeks. Now i know if i stick to ww 100% i am likely to loose around 20 pounds but if i did the same time on cd and gave it my all i could loose at least 3 stone.

I really want to do this and surprise him when he comes home as i have been loosing weight for about 5 years now with no success. Does anyone have any words of encouragement or advice for me. I am desperate to loose this weight and i am caught between two reasons - firstly i am thinking if i am on my own i will be miserable not eating and just having shakes - on the other hand is this the perfect opportunity for me to try this again when i will have no distractions (just my daughter but she is great)....

any replies appreciated xxxxx:confused:
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At the end of the day you have a target and that is him coming home.

I think the diet is much easier with a real goal on a real date so make that your goal and just go for it, keep living in your mind the date he comes home and how lovely it will be an dhow shocked he would be and go for it.

The key to the diet in my opinion is not focussing on the present but looking to the future and then you kind of just hang in there with the water and the packs and suddenly you are there.

You can do this! You just need to not think about last time and just make that switch in your head go click and doooooooooooooooooo it!



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what a speedy reply and I must admit just in those few sentences you have made me realise that I do want this more than any other time in my life.

May sound daft but my eyes filled up reading your reply!!!!



Busy busy busy!!
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If you want to do CD and think you can stick to it 100% without the distractions (nice though they are!!) of going out with your husband at weekend - then go for it and give him a fantastic surprise when he comes home!!!

If however you don't think you can do it 100% and you are finding WW working for you - then stick to that. You have to do whatever diet/plan works for you ... and only you know that!

Good luck which ever you choose and I'm sure he'll be seeing less of you either way when he comes home!!!


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go with whatever is best for you, with your husband not at home would friends be taking you out etc. Either way good luck and am sure you will look great for when he comes back :D


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.....go for it

Well, I reckon you should just damn well go for it girl! Packs, water, aam, packs, water aam, (that's 2st gone).... I'm telling myself sod this dieting business - lets just do it - get it off then follow steps to re-eat again! Make it the last time you need to do this and feel this way!

Best of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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thanks everyone,

i have made a decision.......drum roll......

I think in the past the mistakes i have made are having a binge then trying to ss. I have been doing ww for over a week so am already eating healthier. What i am going to try and do today is have a shake this morning (I have about 40 shakes in the house from before), and some strawberries if needed, then i have made a salad with plain tuna, i will have a shake this afternoon and then see what happens tonight. If i need a 'meal' i am going to have a healthy meal and gradually reduce myself down to ss rather than jump in with both feet and cock it up!!!

Mike's post really made me look to the future and i keep imagining myself floating through the airport to meet hubby!!! all mills and boon.... lmao..

Thanks again everyone, one way or another i am going to do this
Good luck, I'm sure if you keep thinking to the future you'll do wonderfully...I keep imagining myself in a slinky size 12 (it's working so far!)

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