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Dirty Cheater

I have been on lighter life for 4 weeks now. I lost a stone in the first 3 weeks and was really excited but now i cant stop cheating. I dont mean a chunk of cheese here and slice of apple there i mean a pizza, 2 bars of chocolate and a fish finger sandwich (dont ask??).
I feel awful. I really want to get back on the waggon but i dont know how. I cant believe i am doing this to myself. Even worse im doing it in secret because all my friends and family are so impressed by how well im doing.
I have another 5 stone to lose and really want to make it.
Someone please help me !!!
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Hi london nanny,


Well done on losing a stone:happy096:

The thing is about a food replacement diet is that when you come out of ketosis suddenly by eating carbs it sets off a hunger craving making it very difficult to get back on your diet again.

The best way I have found is to stop eating all carbs now and have a small portion of skinless chicken and non starchy veggies along with your four LL packs and usual water intake.

Do this for four days and then just take your packs and you will find you are probably back in ketosis by the six day if not before. It helps with the withdrawal from carbs.

Talk to your LL Counsellor and see what she suggests.

Love Mini xxx
hey london nanny, well done on your loss so far. I wish you luck getting back on track again, maybe talk to your LLC see if there is a trigger to why you have gone back to food. Mini's post says it all really - you are out of ketosis so I would just say pick a day to get back on track and put it behind you. Look at what you have achieved so far.


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Hi London nanny
best to have a think why your dieting , if you feel you can get back on the diet have a go and first day will be hard so try keep busy and out of the house if you really have too. I know 5 stone seems alot but the quicker you get on with the diet the quicker the result


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I know all about secret eating, it used to be huge problem for me, right from when I was a teenager. I seem to have pretty much kicked it now though, thanks to LL.
It is very hard putting all this behind you after so long, but can be done, the counselling is really marvellous and really, really does work. Talk to your LLC about it, my LLC did a whole session on it and it was very enlightening.
You can get back on track and 5 stone is very doable, I did 1 stone in 3 weeks and 4 stone in 16 weeks, it really is that quick and you will soon see the difference, just think of all the those lovely summer dresses you can wear this year. I have been wearing some things for the first time in my life and it brings tears to my eyes to look in the mirror and see the real me, the one who has been struggling for years to get out of the fat suit.
Don't dwell on the pizza incident, what's done is done, learn from it and put it behind you, one blip isn't a failed diet unless you let it be so.
You really can do it, keep posting on here, there are so many people here who can help you through it, don't struggle alone.


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Hello london nanny
you started ll very well & if you get back onto it you will continue to do well put the cheating behind you & start afresh
Good luck & keep us informed
Thank you for all your support. My LLC is away on holiday so had no where to go for some straight talking advice from someone has been through it.

Tomorrow is another day. I will have to put the rest of this week behind me and start afresh.

I know starting again is going to be hard (i found the first week really tough).

Thanks again xx


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Start again with renewed focus - you hold your destiny in your hands - at least you know now that if you really want to - you can be slim again. It is just your choice - choose wisely and you will be very happy in a short time and will reap the rewards for the rest of your life!


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You are doing well...don't get sidetracked by a blip!

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