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Dirty Dog problem, please help

IT usually means a lack of some vitamins and minerals. It is called Coprophagia.

There is lots of information on the internet just put the word Coprophagia into Google.


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Hi, my youngest dog used to do this all the time. The only way we could fixed it was to follow him about when they went to the 'doggy loo' time and make sure there was nothing there for him 'to' eat. He did eventually stop. Good luck.
:( this is pretty icky but i think fillymum is right.

esp with puppys, its like having children. youl just have to keep telling him to stop and bring him away from it. . making sure he doesnt eat his own as this is usually a sign that he is scared to leave mess.

hope it stops soon! show us a picky of your cute pup!
i know it sounds terrible but before he gets his chops on it have a look to see if there is anything abnormal in there (don't get to close lol) one of my dogs did it for a bit and the vet told me that there is a type of worm that release spores as the poop that makes them eat it to eat the eggs inside it and keep them alive etc. normal worming tables can fix it tho so it not a massive worry.
It's very common. My doggy used to do it with her own and she will still do it occasionally. She loves horse muck and we have to drag her away from it!!!
My dog is 2 and she does it a lot less than she used to. It's not nice but it's kind of "normal" for a dog, especially a puppy.


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My sister's dog is around 3 and tends to do it with fox poo!

What type of dog is it? Hers is a Labrador and it tends to be a trait they have!


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not sure of the breed. She looks a bit staffy, maybe a staffy x patterdale as she is quite small.

she is from "foal farm" which is an animal rescue and her and her 2 sisters were found at the side of the road in a box when they were tiny.
she doesnt eat her poop, just other dogs and she loves fox, rabbit and horse poop too.
Terriers are renowed for poop eating. I really wouldn't worry - just pull her away if you can. She won't stop given half a chance but she'll get the message!


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the worst of it is, is that i have started jogging again in the mornings and this is when she does it the most as i dont give her every bit of attention. When i tell her off she just looks at me licking her lips.:jelous:
hahaha, that did make me chuckle.. my dog does the same.. she LOVES to roll in cat poo, cow poo.. you name it.. and when you tell her off.. she just looks at me with those big puppy eyes as if to say ' i was only having a bit of fun, you ruin everything!!' haha

the other week she rolled in cow poo, then when i squirted water onto her coat just till we got home, she shook it all of an splatted ALL over my mums brand new white linens..

i abosoloutly pissed myself hahahahaha

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