Disappointed, feel like a huge failure. need advice badly.

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  1. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Hi all !! This is my first time on this website, I have read so many posts and everyone are so successful with there weightlos. I joined saw about 8 weeks go with a tonne of motivation. I have only lost 5lbs, which is so embarrassing for me. I'm 20 and I know I can lose much more than that as I have in the past. I have always been unhappy with my weight and I know weight loss will give me a Better quality of life. I know where I fail. Its all snack in on biscuits and sweet things. I also like to visit my family , which means biscuits and cake are blonked in front of you. Anyone ever have the same problem? And how did ye overcome this?
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  3. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Sweetiepie! Don't be so hard on yourself! Seriously, 5lbs, that's a steady healthy loss for the timescale. What diet/ plan are you following?

    1) Have you tried writing a food diary?
    2) Are you drinking plenty of water?

    It is so hard when you have all those sweet treats around you. Family events, out and about, at work, home.... Sometimes I hallucinate about cream eggs and lemon drizzle cake. BUT I made a fixed choice NOT to have any. And I haven't, even with pressure from friends and family. I just flatly refuse. Now, ok, I've only been cambridge diet for a week and a bit, but I wouldn't normally go 3 hours without a hobnob or something and it's been days now!

    I think you need to actively make the choice hun. People will try and derail you every day, just be strong. And be honest. You need to get honest with yourself about what you eat and how much, how often. The food diary was a massive wake up call for me. It's not even anything I showed anyone. Just me knowing the reality was the luck up the butt I needed!

    Best of luck anyway x
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  4. cwp2014

    cwp2014 Full Member

    Kick up the butt I meant, not 'luck' up the butt! Ha!
  5. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Thanks so much , this is exactly what I needed. Going it alone can be tough. Your completely right I just need to make my my decisions and stick it them. Today iv started 100% food optimising . :):)
  6. Catrina

    Catrina Full Member

    I'm exactly the same!! I noticed if I plan my meals and healthy snacks so they're 3 hours apart and I drink a glass of water before I eat each time, I don't even think about snacking. Try it. It worked for me! xx
  7. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    Hi Catrina :) yeah I'll try that thanks :) I usually only snack out of boredom, and I'm on 2 weeks study from college lol I'm confident that I'll get it right this time . :D Xx
  8. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    ths is soo weird but since I started my account on minimins iv food optimised 100%, the last two days iv been busy with exams and what not and iv noticed that iv ate biscuits and I haven't been keeping track of my syns! im going to make it a daily thing and come on here everyday. fingers crossed for weightloss this Thursday!!
  9. stesmith194

    stesmith194 New Member

    Hi there, im a newbe to this site and you losing 5lb is pretty good. I started dieting 5 weeks ago at 15stone 11lb and have lost 10lb. Writing a diary realy does help. And try to pre plan what u have for lunch and dinner that way your less likely to eat more. Hope this helps
  10. mandym105

    mandym105 New Member

    Hey, 5lbs is a really good loss...it can be daunting being at class and hearing ppl losing loads on their first week. No need to be embarrassed...I have tried doing SW three times now and failed each time coz i can't have manners when it comes to food!!! Really want to succeed now tho....
  11. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member

    I decided to leave class and do sw at home, im not worried that ill slip more easily as iv just booked a holiday to santa ponza so i have my motivation :) iv started to keep track of my 100% food optismising days and it really works !! I lost 4 pounds this week......first loss in about 3 if not 4 weeks now i think. i got a knee injury during the week, so i wont be able to exercise much... but eating good should have results anyway. Best of luck and Just give yourself mini targets to work towards :)
  12. sweetypie1

    sweetypie1 Member


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