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Disappointed with goal?


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S: 13st7lb C: 11st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 2st3lb(16.4%)
I'm a couple of pounds off my goal weight after losing nearly two and a half stone over the last few months. But, i'm starting to wonder whether to stop at my goal weight or carry on for another half a stone. I just don't feel too happy with my results and i'm unsure why. :/

To start with, I think I've lost weight in all the wrong places! I don't think I've lost any at all in my arms and I have been working my arms out to improve my fitness so now my arms seem bigger! So now when I look in the mirror, I feel just as upset about my figure as when I did before I started dieting, minus the determination I had to begin with!

I was thinking, maybe if I lost another stone then maybe it might target the areas the weight loss has missed? Hm, i'm so confused and need some advice! :(
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Well I've intentionally set a goal that's pretty much botton of the 'ideal' BMI range. It might not totally manageble once I get there, but at least I would have gone through all the different body sizes and then know which I feel I look best at. I would still treat your current goal as a goal, so when you achieve it, it is still an achievement. But then perhaps set another goal straight after?
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Hi dancer, you don't say why exactly you're not happy - are you just having a "feeling fat" day and that perhaps tomorrow you will feel fine? Or, is it that you haven't realised you are now a smaller person? I haven't experienced that yet but I believe it takes a while for the mind to realise that you are now a smaller version of yourself... If you were unhappy with yourself as a person before you started losing weight, weight loss in itself won't make you happy but the way you feel about yourself will. Give yourself time - don't stress - it's going to take time and do celebrate the great success your weight loss is :)

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Agree with tuppers.

I've set my goal and I'm 12lbs away but I feel like nothing has come off of my legs which is where I wanted it to so I've been debating to set my goal 7lbs lighter still. My goal BMI is 22 so I have plenty of room to lose more. I'm still treating my goal as goal and will see how I look there. Maybe do that?


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at the end of the day we're all genetically set in where we hold weight. You could try losing some more weight and see how you feel, but there is no such thing as spot weight loss. You could tone up your arms and it might make you feel a bit better about them.

If its something like bat wings (saggy skin) there is little you can do short of surgery x

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