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  1. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    end of week 1. Lost 5lb. Wee bit disappointed compared to other's loss, but hey ho on I go
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  3. Jesi

    Jesi Silver Member

    Hi hun,
    Don't be disappointed or disheartened. Usually people lose twice that but their second week is low. I'm thinking that your second week will be the same or higher but not lower like everyone else. Keep at it and don't let your mind sabotage you. How is your water intake? try to drink a lot. xxx
  4. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    Hey Linda, 5 pound is great, you should be over the moon :) I agree, I bet your second week will be higher than others, some people just don't retain as much water as others and that accounts for quite a bit of the first week loss.

    Watwr is they key, definitely helps with the speed of loss....I'm aiming for three litres sipped throughout the day x
  5. LindaWms

    LindaWms Full Member

    thank you both for support. If that is the worst I have to feel disappointed about, then I am indeed lucky. Cannot wait for this weeks weigh in. May have boobood though as only had 2 shakes 2 days. Already got advice on that from Jesi on another forum
  6. Destination 119!

    Destination 119! Full Member

    I always think like that, it keeps things in perspective!! I'm a counsellor for the homeless and it never fails to give me a reality check. This diet is hard and there's no denying it, especially with serious food issues....I definitely have those!!

    But if we take a calm moment to think logically and calm down when we're having a 'I need food now' moment, hour or day then we just need to tell ourselves that it's not forever, it's for our own good, the end will arrive and we'll be happier, healthier and slimmer people for it....x

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