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Hello, I started Slimming World two weeks ago and I'm a bit disappointed with my results so far and I'm wondering if there is something I can do to get things going a bit better. I started the first week with a good loss of 3.5lb but maintained for the second week. I've worked very hard to keep to the rules and was hoping for a loss in the second week. So many others in my group have quite big losses and some don't. I'm thinking that perhaps there is a knack to getting this right.

I am hoping that if I tell you what I'm doing, someone might be able to tell me if I can do anything better.

I'm doing mostly Green days during the week and Extra Easy at the weekends. A typical Green day is as follows:

Breakfast: Glass of Tropican orange (3 syns worth) 28g bitesize shredded wheat, skimmed milk from HEA, fruit salad with very low fat natural yoghurt or Muller Light. Tea with milk from HEA.

Lunch: Prawns or tinned tuna as HEB with lots of salad including home made coleslaw with extra low fat fromage frais, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pasta, rice or cous cous. Fruit with a Muller Light yoghurt. Glass of diet lemonade, cup of tea.

Dinner: Sweet potato and spinnach curry and wholegrain rice or jacket potato, baked beans and coleslaw.
Fresh fruit with either a Muller Light yoghurt or extra low fat natural yoghurt. Glass of diet coke and cup of tea.

Snacks: Banana, apple or pear, maybe some grapes or other fruit. A few glasses of water throughout the day.

I try to use free foods as much as possible and I'm keeping my syns low each day, only about 5. However, on a Saturday night I have to have a drink and blow about 30 syns worth. But I only drink alcohol once a week. When we do Extra Easy we have something like a chicken curry with rice and perhaps bacon and eggs during the day (cooked with Fry Light). I also do the yummy syn free chips once or twice a week.

I am quite conscious that I am eating very, very little fat as I'm only having one HEA (the milk) and a few syns. My guts are also quite sluggish and I tend to feel a bit constipated although I'm still going a bit each day.

My husband is also following this diet and eating the same as me. He also had a good weght loss the first week and maintained the second. Therefore I'm thinking that it's not just me but might be what we're eating.

I'd be very grateful if anyone could give me some tips as I have about three stone to lose and a high BMI of 31. This is the first diet I've done that I've actually really enjoyed and I so want to do well on it.


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Hi Hun, just had a look at your food and can't see anything wrong, maybe a couple of red days might help. I know its hard and you will feel like packing it in but keep going and you will see it came off, sometimes i think our body goes into a survival mode because of the change in diet but it will soon adapt to the new foods. I always drink loads of flavoured water when doing green days and it helps with the loo too. I use my hexbs for fibre which will help too. Hope this helps and keep up the good work, it will get better honestly. xxx loobylou


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First of all, never compare your losses to others as everyone is different. I used to drink loads of diet coke then I switched to flavoured sparkling water and I have a litre a day. Not only is it much cheaper it tastes better too! Try swapping 1 or 2 of your teas with green or red tea (but not the first cup of the day!).

Breakfast: Have the fruit first. It breaks down in your gut quicker than the shredded wheat and if you eat it after it will break down and be stuck behind the other food breaking down and turn into gas which then causes bloating!

The constipation could just be caused by the introduction of so much fruit. When you go from eating little fruit to eating a lot of it, it can cause constipation but in time it will regulate. Try peppermint tea to get your digestive system working smoothly.

Orange juice - I used to have OJ at work but I had half a glass of it and mixed it with strawberry sparkling water. Half the Syns and really tasty!

Syns - Take them weekly rather than daily. Start with your weekly allowance then deduct from it as you use them rather than adding them up as you go. Try to use at least 70 per week.

Sorry for the long reply, welcome to the forum x
Thanks loobylou. I know it's early days yet but it's good to know I'm on the right track. It's been a big life change moving away from convenience foods and taken me ages to get organised and plan healthy meals. My shopping trolley looks so strange now with so much fruit and veg in it. Also, I've noticed that our recycling bin doesn't get anywhere near as full with empty food cartons and boxes. I am pretty much committed to this now and can't wait to get back into size 12 clothes and skirts without elasticated waists.

Thanks for the tips Taz. I'll have my fruit first in the morning. Which flavoured sparkling waters do you recommend? I'll increase my syns a bit. I actually had a Yorkie biscuit bar last night which is 6.5 syns and took my syns to about 10 for the day. Taking my syns weekly will be easier for me, especially as I like to use so many on a Saturday.



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I get the 1 litre bottles. They are 3 for £1 in Asda and Tesco at the moment. My favourite flavours are:

Asda - Strawberry & vanilla, Blackberry & elderflower, Melon & kiwi
Tesco - Lemon & elderflower, Orange, Apple & raspberry


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Hi and welcome, there isn't much for me to add as taz and loobylou have covered things. I only do ee now, however when i used to do greens all the time i didn't have the best weightlosses and when i chucked just 2 red days in per week i had great weightlosses. However that is just how it was for me , everyone is different. I tend to agree that it is probably the change in diet and all the new foods and that your body will adapt soon. Good luck, and stick with it, it really is a great plan xx
Taz, I've had the Tesco flavoured waters and I love the peach one and the apple and raspberry. I'll try the Asda ones as well.

Thanks for the welcome, bettylollypop. I'm doing three extra easy days a week as I'm struggling with what to do for red days. I love my potato, pasta and rice and if I use up a portion for dinner I can't have any with lunch unless I give up my cereal at breakfast. I'll see how it goes and if my weight loss doesn't pick up, I'll try some red days instead of extra easy. I'm skeptical about extra easy as it seems too good to be true but my friend has lost quite well on it and recommends it.
Hi There,

Sorry to gatecrash but you have given some fantastic tips there! I will definitely be using some of those :) Thanks.

Good Luck Teresa xx


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Welcome to the forum Teresa ~ I do 5 green and 2 red days (I do the red days just before weigh in). I'm not as keen on the red but I make a point of mixing them up. I haven't tried EE yet but I might this weekend or do Mix2Max as I'm going out. I also do my syns the same way as Taz said and TBH I don't think I could do them daily. I don't mind not having many during the week as I know I can have my drinks and treats over the weekend and not feel guilty. Good luck with your weight loss, xx


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I'd just like to say, stick at it, the weight will come off, over time. This is only my 2nd week, and similar to you, I lost 3lb first week and 1lb this week. But when I look back at this week, I know i have been mostly good, but there is plenty of room for improvement, but i'm trying to look at it this time (i've done sw in the past, successfully) as a long term plan rather than a quick fix, so know i need to stick with it, long term, to get the results I want.

I didn't do the exercise I normally do this week, so i suppose i should be happy with a 1lb and at least it's going the right way.

Just wanted to add, good luck with it all, i know it can be hard at times, especially when you don't get the results you want, but just remember, when you do get the weight loss weeks, you're after, you'll feel great. ;)

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