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Disappointing weigh in and moving to 810

Hi everyone

Well this week I lost 1 3/4lbs - which I know is a loss, and I should be pleased, but at 13 Stone 1/4 and 5'3 I still have a long way to go to get to a healthy BMI. My losses have slowed down the last few weeks, and my CDC thinks that this could be because I've done SS for quite a while now, about 16/17 weeks now. (I had my AAM/810 week on week 12 as I was meant to)so now my CDC has suggested that I start 810 for at least one week if not two to see if this helps my metabolism speed up a little bit. I just wondered if anyone else had, had this problem and whether starting 810 had worked for them?

Thanks everyone

Claire xx
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I havent reached this point yet, but i have read other posts from people who have and going up a plan has certainly worked for them, give it a go anything is worth a try to get things moving again hope it works keep us posted


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it happened to me in week 10, 11 and 12 - only lost like 6 lbs on 3 weeks, pretty poor considering i still wanted to lose 4 stone! so i did 1 week of ss+ and 1 week of 810 (some days 1000) including some carbs, put on 2lbs in that week but then the following week i lost 8.5lbs so it did work for me. have been back on ss for 2 weeks now, but not weighing myself until next week. i think it did work, its so disheartening when it slows right down. i think it's worth it, try it for a week, maybe 2 and see how that goes. good luck! :)
Thanks for you're replies. It's nice to hear at least one experience the same (althought the 2lb gain scares the life out of me lol!) I won't be having carbs just following the 810 - though I've got to check the milk thing - if anyone reads and knows do we definately have to have the milk everyday please let me know as I'm really not a milk drinker :S and will find that bit hard.

I've been warned that it's possible the losses wont show in the first week due to it taking time for body to adapt again, but should do in the second week, so it may take 2 weeks of doing 810 for it really to show at my weight/height etc, so I'm prepared for that, I just reallllly don't want to gain.
Hiya! My sister is currently on SS and went up to 810 for a week and her losses went up to a fab 8lb in that one week! I think its definitely helps kick start ur metabolism if its slowing down :) xxx
Thank you Anaya - even to go back up to a 3lb loss would be nice seeing as I have another 3stone to lose to get to a 'healthy' BMI and then realistically about another 5-7lbs after that to get to my own personal goal. obviously when I've only got a stone or so to go 1-2lbs a week I wouldn't feel so bad at, but realistically when I've got another 3-3 1/2stone to go that's a fairly slow rate to be going at when I'm having such a small amount of calories. Well day 2 on 810 (as had my first 810 meal last night) and will see how I go...a bit nervous but will see how it works out x
Hey Jess
Thanks for your reply - you're a little barrel of knowledge :)
Thanks for letting me know - I will have to try and have a small glass in the morning maybe...don't think I would manage it in the evening with a meal aswell! Enjoyed my first meal last night, and looking forward to second tonight - very nervous about results, seeing as I'm still very far away from goal, but it it's what my body needs then I'm willing to try, and while I'm doing it, I'm determined to learn all I can about the foods, and more importantly enjoy eating the small meals.


can see the end in sight!
if im honest, the 2lb gain was due to the dinner out i had the night before weigh in at an italian restaurant!! lol. wasnt following 810 to the letter so i doubt you will put on weight if you do it properly unlike me!
Thanks for your honesty - if anything I think I am going to find it hard to eat it all, and the milk...that's going to be the bit I struggle with most...but I'm going to perservere. I think I'm just worried that still being 3 stone from goal, is this really what my body needs? More food, not less? I guess Monday will tell me that! xx


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Please excuse me if I'm wrong Mrs Lampard, but I read on another post that we can use 150g of 0% fat free greek yogurt as an alternative to the milk allowance. I belive KD mentioned it in fact, but as I say, excuse me if I'm wrong!

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