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disaster on my first wi


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Hi totm can be a sod but try not to be disheartened and if you go to class get the consultant to check your food diary and if not post on here and some of us can help you but fingers crossed next week will show good results and remember us women our weight fluctuates so give it a month and take the average over that and I'm sure you will see a difference. Good luck.


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Definately put your food diary up, maybe something really small that you need to change. Have you done SW before? I sturggled to keep up with all of the little hints and tips at the beginning and struggled the first couple of weeks. Chin up and please keep going!!xx


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Hi guys ive never done sw before my first time ive been really upset after my wi Im trying not to let it get to me gotta keep focused ive given my food diary to my consultant i explained why i thought id gained she was really understanding and said she will have a look at it for me, i mean all i can think of is the amount of extra carbs and the dreaded totm, think Im gonna try the super speed soup this week x


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I wouldn't suggest jumping straight onto SS Soup until you are sure that you have followed the plan correctly. There are a few little things that I didn't realise immediately, I didn't realise that fresh pasta wasn't free, just dried, I didn't appreciate how different wholemeal is to granary, I didn't realise the absolute importance of the 1/3 fruit/veg just to name a few!! Also, a few people at my group struggle with green/EE days as their bodies do not cope well with carbs. Sorry if none of this helps. Good luck this week :)


Will be a skinny mini!
All your advice helps thank you i have a friend who is doing sw and has lost 7 stone she has been helping me as much as possible i do feel like i haven't had enuf veg so that my aim this week x


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your consultant will know best what the problem is BUT TOM can be a sod!

Thats why it gets marked as star week so consultants can see and if a pattern happens its like oh its star week iykwim

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