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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Andie x, 6 July 2011 Social URL.

  1. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Hi I'm new on here and have put on 4 stone in 4 years .I tried the new pro points which I didn't like.. I lost 3 stone 5 years ago on the old system so I decided 2 use that one again I love it .any help support wud b great xx
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  3. Misskim81

    Misskim81 Full Member

    Hi Andie I am a new member too and totally agree with you about the new pro points. I am not a fan. So not unlike yourself I have dusted of my old books ( I list 20 kg in 12 weeks) and will start in the morning.

    Hoping to be able to follow your journey with you.

    Kindly, Kim :)
  4. Suzisu

    Suzisu Full Member

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    Good luck on your journey.

    Sue x
  5. NiaX

    NiaX Silver Member

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    Hi and welcome!
  6. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Thanks everybody I hope 2 follow yours as well I'm 14 stone 4 pounds just now I was 15 stone 5 pounds so I'm doing ok just had a very bad weekend binge that went on till yesterday so I know I need a wee bit extra support I want 2 b 11 stone . That's my goal I set 4 myself so I have a good bit 2 go .x
  7. MaryMZ

    MaryMZ Full Member

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    . I tried the old points system a few years ago and was really hungry most of the time. Now with this pro-points I think it's quite good. Not that I've been doing brilliantly but I am trying. Quite a few people I think prefer the old systembut I am a lot less hungry on the pro-points. Good luck with your plan.
  8. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Thanks Mary I done the new one for 2 weeks hardly lossed started the old one and lost 7 in the first week . I really think it's different 4 everybody . But I'm doing the old one and having fruit if i want without pointing it and that fills me if I'm still hungry, And it's working 4 me .good luck with yours and let me know how u get on xxxxx
  9. Misskim81

    Misskim81 Full Member

    I found the exact same thing Andie . Well done on your fantastic loss. You should be very proud :)
  10. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Thanks Kim loads mare 2 go I keep dreaming about cakes and chocolate.I wake up panicking cause I really thought I'd eaten them lol . X
  11. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    I did very well on the old system though im yet to try the new plan. Good luck on ur weight loss journey.
  12. Misskim81

    Misskim81 Full Member

    Today was my first day on the WW old system and it brings back memories of the first time I successfully lost weight with WW. I am very nervous as the cravings I had today were extreme but managed to fight them and now that I heading to bed can go with a smile on my face. It is a scary thought to think that food can dominate us this much. Looking forward to following you on your journey.
  13. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Good 4 u it's hard when the cravings take over . First day is the hardest then I think it gets better as your body adjusts 2 less food. I gave in 2 day and had a cream cake but I counted it in with my points but i cudnt have lunch .I'm starving but it sooo was worth it lol. I will b healthy 2 morrow again xx
  14. Misskim81

    Misskim81 Full Member

    It is ok to give in, but missing meals is not good Hun. Just remember vege soup is free so you can have that on days your running low on points. :)
  15. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Aye I know it makes u want 2 binge . I'm going 4 stuff 4 my soup 2 day and suger free jelly .doing well so far. How r u doing ?
  16. Misskim81

    Misskim81 Full Member

    Hey Andie , I am very proud your doing the soup thing. It really does help fight the cravings and the junk food easy fix. I am doing well do far ( I think lol). I am hoping that the scales will confirm it. My first challenge is tonight. I have a party to go too so drinking and nibbles will be on the menu. Hopefully I can control myself. What day is your weigh in day?
  17. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Good luck with Discover plan

    Irene xx
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  19. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    My weigh in is a fri , when is yours I'm sure u will b fine that's a really hard one specially if u have a few drinks your willpower seems 2 go down hill. Better filling up on loads of soup b4 u go never go 2 these things hungry . X
  20. Andie x

    Andie x Member

    Hi Irene and thanks r u on discover as well?
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