Discover - Starting to keep diary online to keep me on track!! Hopefully!


S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi all started back on diet yesterday after putting on nearly 2 stone since in past year nearly a stone and a half being over past 2 months due to medication which is in the process of getting changed. Have done weight watchers on and off since 2005 and have always been successful (although hard) in getting weight off but much prefer the discover plan so gonna stick to old points and just weigh myself in house. Hopefully I stay focused hoping posting online while help. Started yday so heres my diary :) Also if ive pointed anything incorrectly let me know im a bit out of practice lol!!


slice toast n l/cow light 2

Lentil soup 1
slice bread 1 1/2

Baked potatoe quite big 3 1/2
babybel 1 1/2
butter 1
veg paste 2
Lettace, red onion 0
chilli sauce 1

Babybel 1 1/2
Tangerine & Grapes 1
Bread n butter 2
Lentil soup 1
chocolate 1
Mushrooms with babybel & tiny bit of butter done in frylight 2

22/22 points used
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S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well day 2 was stuck in all day because of 'Hurricane Bawbag' as the Scots have embarrasingly named it lol!! Kids where off school and really thought it was gonna be a struggle being stuck in all day went over slightly but im not gonna worry too much hopefully exercise while sort that out!! Fingers crossed!! Here goes...


- Breakfast

- Weetabix with milk & 1 sugar 2 1/2
- Apple 1/2


- Lentil soup 1

Made a yummy toastie with..

- 2 slice bread 3
- butter & veg paste 1 1/2
- Babybel 1 1/2
- Lettace, red onions & balsamic vinegar 0

- Veggie curry 1 for chickpeas & tiny drop
- Uncle Bens mexican rice 6
- More salad with balsamic 0

- Aldi Golden Bakes bar 2
- Tesco funny finger ice lolly 1
- Chocolate 1
- More veggie curry 1
- 2 crackers 1
- L/cow light 1/2

23.5/22 over by 1.5 will work it off with exercise hopefully!!! Will probably do todays diary in the morning having a pyjama party with my friend and her girls hopefully im not too bad going to Asda to pick up some l/fat snacks :p


S: 11st3lb C: 11st3lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Had a tough couple of days but gonna stick it out God ive only begun lol!!!


Cauliflower soup - 2
Half a tuna toastie - 2 1/2
Lettace, cucumber & tomato - 0

gfy carrot cake (yummy) - 1 1/2

Noodles 2
Hoisin & Garlic sauce 1 1/2
Peppers, mushrooms & red onion in soy sauce - 0

Bread n butter - 2
2 pkts ww chicken crisps - 2
another gfy carrot cake - 1 1/2

only used 14 then it all went horribly wrong

C n chive pringles
cpl jelly sweets
some chippy chips with gravy and a tiny bit of fish YIKES!!!!

Definetely over the 8 points I had left so gonna need to work my ass of to burn it off lol!!



Porridge with milk - 2 1/2

2 slice toast - 3
butter -1
mushroom paste - 1 1/2
tomato - 0
cracker with l/cow - 1
ww chicken crisps - 1

Dinner (delish)

Cheese n Leek quorn escalope - 4 1/2
sweet potato & butternut squash - 2 1/2
Broccoli - 0 Peas - 1 Veg gravy - 1
Gfy carrot cake - 1 1/2


might have a cpl of crackers with tomato & l/cow if u cant survive till bedtime lol!!!


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Hi hun! your doing super well!! I'm going to try the laughing cow lighter-sounds yummy! I'm just back to WW Discover again aswell, ,love the way we can eat what we want. Looking forward to seeing your progress:):)