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(Iposted this on the tfr section but posting it on here for you maintainers to have a goose at aswell)

Anyone heard of the restaurant chain Old Orleans ????

So was planning on going there next week for lunch with a friend (im not on tfr) So had a look at their website looked at the nutritional information and i am absolutly SHOCKED to the core that 4 of their dishes contain OVER 2000 calories!!!!!!!!!!!

The majority of their main meals (14) contain over 1500 calories.

Their starters, the majority (12) are over 500 cals.

Their deserts the majority (6) are over 1000 cals (one of which is over 2000 calories and contains 107% of your saturated fat intake for the day)

***The 4 meals that contain over 2000 calories 3 of them also contain over 100% of our daily fat intake (158%, 198% and 200%)

Now i am wondering what the hell to do about this, if anything.

So, anyone any ideas?
Write them a letter/email maybe trying to get some sort of explanation as to why?!!!!
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OMG! Never thought they were THAT bad.
Thanks for the info - best tip - AVOID at any price x
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Unfortunately this is the reason why so many people are overweight/obese! Restaurants don't seem to care about the fat or calorie content in their meals just that people keep on buying them. You probably wont get very far if you write to them, they're not going to change anything because we, the voices of the ones trying to actually be healthy and lose weight, are out numbered by those who either can't or wont do anything about their rapidly increasing mass. Saying that it wouldn't hurt if you just wanted to express your dissatisfaction at the selection of meals on offer.


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Start a facebook group ... "Protestors of restaurant chains feeding us [email protected]" or some such heading and put more details on the group page!! I reckon facebook has more influence than lots of other things at the mo!! xx


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Just to play devils advocate here ;)

Do the restaurants have a responsibility to feed their customers what we would class as 'healthy' foods? Or should it be up to the general public to eat appropriately? And what is appropriate anyway?

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with going to such a restaurant occasionally if the food was enjoyable. Over 2000 cals wouldn't do much damage in the grand scheme of things, and the high levels of fat would suit those who are losing weight on high fat diets. Doubt it would do me any damage either.

It's mainly the UK that has a fear of fats (including saturated fats). Many other 'tribes' have different beliefs about the health benefits of a higher fat way of eating :)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
S: 19st6lb C: 11st6lb Loss: 8st0lb(41.18%)
Ah yeah i totally get what your saying KD and they are indeed supplying what the majority want but it just amazes me that there is a so called obesity risk in so many people, theres alot of stuff about calorie in take around etc etc and so for 1 meal to contain more than your daily allowance is pretty extreme i think.

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