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Dislocated Knees & Getting back to Exercise!


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Hello (2nd post in one day, ban me please!!!)

A couple of years ago I dislocated my knee, and did some damage to my tissue / nerves in my left foot. Whilst I can walk, I can't bend very well anymore with that leg, and the leg doesn't feel particularly strong.

As far as physio is concerened, I stopped having it as it wasn't really strengthening my leg due to the nerve damage.

What exercises can I do? I used to love running, but have ruled that out because I'm terrified of my leg dislocating (anything involving impact or twisting/rotating scares the life out of me now). Swimming is obviously fine, and maybe even stationary biking. Cross-training made my leg feel REALLY weak though when I tried it :( Anybody else with experiences of this injury who's gotten back into exercise, with pearls of wisdom to share?

Hoping to get some physio again soon once I get an MRI to determine whether the numbness is due to nerve damage, or tissue damage (or both), but am wondering what I can do until then, as it's quite a long wait list!
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