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Disneyland Paris


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Hello, you may notice in my sig we are off to DLP in September (yay) !

Has anyone been ? Any hints/tips?

We are flying over and then need to get a shuttle bus to the resort - staying at Cheyenne.

We have booked for Dinner with Mickey Mouse, Billy Bob's Wild West Show and Dinner with Disney Prince and Princesses.

Has anyone been to these ?

I booked them as part of a package as I had heard it was about 100 euro a night for dinner for a family of 4. This was £392 which is the 3 nights above and another night where we can go anywhere with our vouchers (I think it's the platinum package).

Would really like to hear from anyone about what it's like, what to do, what not to miss etc !
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Lisa Marie

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We went in February, it was snowing lol.

We booked the half board option, we got vouchers and could use them in various eateries, it saved us a small fotune an evening meal would def cost £100 for a family of 4 so, it's def worth booking the food options before you go.

Everything is very expensive a 500ml bottle of coke cost £2.50 inside the parks. Not sure how old your kids are but I packed fruit shoots in our luggage which obviously saved us a few quid too.

I would pre book your transfer from airport to disney too, we got a taxi from the airport to the sequioa lodge hotel in disney and it cost £80 one way.

we had a wonderful time but found it very very expensive. Take snacks and sweets with you to keep your costs down. Every little helps.


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Thanks Lisa Marie !

Yes we have booked the half board vouchers already, sounds like it is a good deal !

I had heard about the expense ! Best get saving !!!! I am trying to pre book some kind of transfer, the bus works out at £64 - may be as well trying to get a taxi not much difference in price?

Wonder if I can pre book a taxi ?

Thanks for your help!
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Not sure if you have already been yet but I'm going to DLP next March and am planning to pre book private transfers via a company RS TRANSPORTS. These have been recommended via other forums. I worked it out that it wont cost much more than the bus each way for 2 adults and 2 children. Cannae wait - roll on next year..
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If you're landing at Charles De Gaulle, just get a train / the Metro to Disneyland Paris. The Cheyenne's onsite, so it's at most a ten minute walk through a pedestrianised area around a pretty lake from the train station.

You should be able to get the RER from CDG to Disneyland Paris, which has its own dedicated train station: Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy. You can get a TGV instead, which only takes ten minutes, but is naturally more expensive.

Getting a taxi or shuttlebus is silly expensive. I'd avoid it if possible.

Arriving at Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy, signs will point the way out to the main concourse. Turn right (toward the big Planet Hollywood and "Disney Village") for the hotels. You'll approach a lake. Go left rather than right, so that the lake remains on your right. You'll pass the Hotel New York on your left. Continue on, and you'll find the Hotel Cheyenne is signposted. It's a nice quiet walk which can seem like you might be heading out into nowhere, but fear not. Just stick with the signs and you can't miss it.

The Wild West show is fun if you have kids, a bit cheesy if you don't. The food they serve along with it is perfectly sufficient for an evening meal, but quite fatty. Alas avoiding fatty foods in Disneyland is a little tricky.

To save some cash when it comes to drinks in the park, I believe they do the usual "Buy this huge plastic coke bottle and get free refils", which isn't so bad when you can take it back to the hotel and wash it out each evening. You just take it in with you the next morning and ask for a "refill" ;) I can't swear to this, as the last time I went was about three years ago.

For a decent meal at a good price, I can't reccommend Annette's Diner enough. You can't miss it - it's at the start of Disney Village, and has a massive statue of a 1950's-style American waitress on rollerskates over the doors. It's a fun place to take kids, too. Sometimes they rollerskate around, others they don't, so I imagine it's down to waiter preference / ability.

All the restaurants in the Village are owned by the park, so don't expect earth-shattering food even from the ones which look a little fancier. My other half and I were extremely disappointed by the very expensive Steakhouse, a the meat was average, cooked fairly poorly, and horrendously overpriced. But the cheaper eateries are pretty tolerable.

Are you going mid-week, or a weekend? Mid-week is fantastic, as at the weekends a lot of Parisians nip out to Disneyland for a day and it gets quite crowded even in the depths of winter. I also reccommend doing the park in a counter-clockwise circuit rather than clockwise - oddly the majority of people entering theme parks turn left, and traverse the park clockwise. By going the other way you get to go on Space Mountain lots of times with about ten minutes' queueing ;)

Ah, yes. Space Mountain. When you get on it, press your head firmly back against the headrest, and hold it there until gravity holds it there for you. This ride is fantastic, but it throws you around like a kid with a toy aeroplane, so unless you want a headache after your head's been smashed back against the headrest every couple of seconds for two minutes, prepare in advance ;) If you don't, you get thrown around a lot and your head tends to bounce off the headrest, making it hard to get your head back once the car's in motion.

Because everything on-site is Disney-owned or conforms to Disney lease agreements, everything is a set price. You can't find anything cheaper by trying a different shop. The majority of shops along Main Avenue carry the same stock, so it's easy to get shopped out if you do it all in one mad rush.

There's a lovely glass shop in Cinderella's Castle. They blow much of it on-site. It's worth a look around if nothing else, as sometimes you can catch them in the act :)

I can't think of anything else, other than to say have a great time! And I'll be fascinated to hear whether Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Palace is open (it's always, ALWAYS closed whenever I've been LOL).
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I have been twice, both times i went it snowed, then again it was January. A few more rides have opened since i last went like Tower of Terror, I've been on the one in Orlando and it was great. In the main park I enjoyed the parades and the shows are good in The Studios, the car stunt show on the back lot is amazing. I'm a big thrill rides kinda person, if you are too then you def have to go on the rock'n'roller coaster (the 1st time i lined up for this i was so excited,then i got to the front and saw the thing take off, and then the nerves kicked in big time, it shoots you off so fast, but its great lol), space mountain, & big thunder mountain.. also i like the potc ride lol... each time ive gone i was on a school trip for a weekend, so we were limited on where we were allowed to go, so when we ate/shopped we just went in the disney village. Weekends are usually busy, more french families. I also stayed in the hotel Cheyenne... i felt like a cowgirl haha... but seriously if you want breakfast get up EARLY ... it was packed every morning when i went, and i only got a croissant for breakfast. I dont know if its always like it or if it was just because when i went there was lots of schools on trips.
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Thanks for the tips !
We are going Sun to Thurs !
Getting very excited now with 2 weeks to go !
Have booked Inventions, Wild West Show and Dinner at Cafe Mickey, if we like Inventions we may go twice (we have premium vouchers so want to get good value)

Not sure if I will be able to eat much, after losing weight, I am struggling to eat on 810 hahaha

I appreciate your advice ladies - cheers !


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oooh we're going for 3 days - 28th-30th sept :D

it'll be our 4th time, and we're taking my 88 y/o nan with us this time, which is why it's such a short trip (i think any more than 3 days will be too much for her).

we're staying in the santa fe. the last 2 times we've stayed in the cheyenne and absolutely LOVED it :D i was a proper cowgirl, and OH didn't take his cowboy hat off for the whole 1.5 weeks we were there! LOL MEN!

here's a few pics to get you in the mood :D

DD standing in front of the castle in real snow that had laid on top of the fake snow!!! (january this year)

me and DS being cowgirl/boy on the barstools which were actually saddles :D in the chuck wagon cafe (cheyenne restaurant)

DD eating a foot-long!!!!! hotdog in caseys corner in disneyland park :D

me and DD on the tower of terror (i'm in the beige jumper 2nd row back - don't laugh at my face :eek: LOL and DD's sitting next to me)

and this is what it's all about for the kids - the characters :D



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awww looks great I'm going to Paris in October for my birthday and have day tickets for disney gonna be so much fun gonna get minnie mouse ears for the day yay
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oh wow it looks fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your pics !!!!!!!
Perhaps I will see you as we will be there at the same time !
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Go to cite de Europe the supermarket called Auchan and buy your drinks etc there, its super cheap. My eyes bled when I saw the prices in the restaurants. Also I found it was all chicken nuggets and pizza. You can also get your fresh fruit at Auchan.
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Oh, and Pirates of the carribean was our favourite ride. Word of warning for anyone large reading this, Crush's ride in the studio park doesn't ctaer for the heavy


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I went on crush's coaster, and as you're queueing for the ride there's signs everywhere saying "people of certain body shapes and sizes will have difficulty fitting onto the ride"... :eek: I was already queueing with DD though when i saw it! :eek:

As you get inside the building you can see people getting on and off the ride as you're queueing, and one man who i would say was roughly the same size as me couldn't fit and so was sent out the exit door.... i was like EEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

when me and DD got on, i JUST about got the restraint closed... but i would NOT attempt it again!!! and i'm 1.5st heavier now!!! LOL

i agree with you about POTC... it's our fave ride aswell!!! :D the rock n roller coaster comes a close second though! x

and charley24 - i'm sure you'll be able to spot us... we'll be the one with the screaming 3 year old little boy following the character's express train, trying to keep our 10 year old DD entertained, while pushing an 88 year old cantankerous lady in a wheelchair :D :rotflmao: LOL


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sooooo.... did you have a fabulous time?? :D we did!!! :D

and did you spot us? i didn't see you :(

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