Disneyland Paris

Mrs Depp

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I was just wondering if anyone could help me with pricings, places to stay, etc for Disneyland Paris?

It'll be me and my 2 kids (aged 13 & 6), not sure of when I'll be able to take them but the price will probably determine that:D

We'll be going by eurostar (they've never flown before and don't fancy it:( )

Any ideas?:D
hi Carol!

we have been to disneyland Paris 4 times and everytime we did it differently!
Easiest but most expensive is to stay in one of the hotels around the park - the most expensive hotels are the nearest to the entrance to the parks - the rest are quite a hike!
ANother option is to stay at one of the hotels just about 2 miles from the park and use the free shuttle
there are 4 of these together - Explorers: Movenpick dream castle; Holidy Inn & Kyriad!
We loved the Holiday Inn as the shuttle bus picked up there first and so you were not left waiting for the next one when it got full!
We also stayed at the dream castle but got very frustrated with waiting for the bus there!
Cheapest way is to go online and book everything individually if you are staying out of the park!
Good luck and have a fab time!
I stayed on the site and enjoyed this at a themed hotel wild west i think it was. Only 2 star (about 8 years ago) but i would never have known it was only that!!
Thanks for the advice Nadine and Georgia'smum, I'll certainly have a good shufty at some of the internet sites, but I've always been very wary of giving my card info into these sites so will have to get my head around it! hehe!:D
Mrs Depp, PM me if you want and Ill get you some prices, me being a travel agent and all that!!!
At the mo, kids go free on selected dates and they have a special offer with 15% off too.

V x
Just thought I would let you know that I stayed in a hotel 4 stops on the red line on the RER just outside disneyland in Torcy. It was literally right outside the subway for the Torcy stop. Really handy because it was on the line out of disneyland and about 5/10 mins away by train which we found really handy after the late nights in the parcs!!!

The hotel was the Kyriad which is really similar to the Travelodges over here. The handy thing was that they had plenty of rooms that sleep two adults & two kids and is being currently advertised from 73 euros per night.

The only thing you would have to look at is the price of the RER tickets which you would then have to compare with the disney hotels that have the free shuttle buses included.

Ive been a few times too! Have stayed at the Disneyland Hotel which was lush... but lovely!! We have also stayed at Sequio Lodge about 3 times (ideal for the winter with raging log fire in bar area) Have also stayed at New Port Bay club we will be planning on going back in a couple of months as our daughter has not been yet.... Will be staying in any of the 3 i mentioned above! We also have travelled via Eurostar from Ashford and via coach...Will go for Eurostar everytime!

Let us know what you decide!
Thanks for the advice Lena and raudi:D

The Disneyland Hotel does look gorgeous, but very expensive! I'm probably going to go for something cheaper but still try and get accommodation if possible;)

Don't worry - as soon as I've booked I'll be peeing my pants wanting to tell everyone haha!:D