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Dissapointed in myself.


I can do this.
Hi all, for day's now i've been picking:((after such a great start) but over the weekend i crashed and ate for England. I feel that i've let myself down and i'm worried that i won't get my motivation back. If i could give myself a kick up the rear i would, after losing 3lb last week, i've put it back on,:( so far today i've been good and i'm hoping i can lose it again by the weekend, i've had a lot on my mind lately.. but it's no excuse, would someone please send me a big kick, thanks.:break_diet:
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Here you are :whoopass:LOL

But I would much prefer to give you a big hug because I feel you need it more

Have you tried splitting your packs and spacing them throughout the day to keep your blood sugars level.

You get extra water without trying too hard and you do feel fuller.

Or perhaps think of doing AAM this week or 790.

You can pull yourself back.

Love Mini xxx
I know exactly how you feel. I have been going through the same thing completely.

Each day i wake up and tell myself "today is the day - the start of mega weight loss" then i pick! It's crazy.

Since my family came to visit for a week last week, i've found it very difficult to get back on track. But i am hoping that when i go for my WI tomorrow evening, my CDC will give me the kick up the rear i very much am needing.

I can't begin to imagine weight gain i have managed to pile on!

Good luck with re-starting SS properly. It is hard. So easy when you are into it, but so difficult when you step out of the routine.



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Oh Linda you have done so well...come on you can do this we will help you through...Just imagine the thin you and keep this picture in your mind.
Keep coming to Mini's and we will help get you through this blip.

Take Care..


I can do this.
Thanks guy's.. i know i can do it...just that my mind has been somewhere else, it was my friend's funeral on friday and i think that kicked me off.. but i'm going to give it my all this week..even if it only means losing what i've gained.


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come on linda u can do this im day 2 again after loosing it so im sure u can do it if i can, just put it all behind u like it never happened and start afresh.
If u need to stop urself get on here and look at all the b4 and after pics and that will give u the boost u need. keep going!!


I can do this.
Changed my mood icon Karion...once again u have all inspired me, thanks.
Come on Linda, I don't want you flagging! You have done so well and been a real support to me and lots of others. I KNOW that you can do this. You can undo any damage within a few days, a week at the most. Then its full steam ahead my girl!

Why don't you have a think about 790 for a bit? I have found it SO much easier since doing 790 and for a weight loss of only a pound or two less a month than SS it seems so worth it.

Sending you lots of hugs my love - we WILL be thin! xxxx


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Hi Linda, sorry to hear about your friend. I have had a bad weekend myself. Total carb fest.:( I think with everyone's help you will be fine. :)
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I can do this.
Hi Jodie.. i've tried 790.. but i can't stick to it, with me it's all or nothing,but thanks for ur support. Also thank u Lyn.


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Oh Linda (((hugs)))

Hope you manage to get back on track. Try to remind yourself of all the reasons you started this weight loss journey, and remember that it is a journey, not a race. You will get there as I know you are determined. You just need to be strong, put this weekend behind you and move on.

You can do it.
Hi Jodie.. i've tried 790.. but i can't stick to it, with me it's all or nothing,but thanks for ur support. Also thank u Lyn.
I know what you mean Linda - i'm abit of an "all or nothing" person. Infact, I dont think I've ever eaten normally in my life! ITs either been dieting or eating really badly! However, I seem to be able to stick to 790 apart from too much veg but I'm not going to worry about that.

Keep posting every time you feel abit down and we will all give you the support and encouragement you need xxxxx
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Hi Linda

Just wanted to add to what everyone else has said really. You have done this before and been an inspiration to many and you can do it again. You've had some difficult times recently and it is understandable that you have had blips, sometimes life just gets in the way and there are more important things that dieting. I am confident you will find the determination and succeed.

Lots of hugs


I can do this.
Thanks G. i know i can do this and it's time for me to stop messing around, the support i recieve from u guy's really does help.

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