Dissappointed :(


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Keep going I feel exactly the same....first week I only lost 1/2 pound and then the next week it was 7.5 and then 3.5 in the week after, this week i think I will be lucky to lose 1/5 but I am hoping next week will be a big one. I think some of us lose every other week rather than once a week....


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Sorry hun that your disappointed I think its different for everyone on what they lose, I have been losing quite low this past few weeks while my mate has been losing 8lbs every week but I look at it in the way that at least I am losing. Ya never know it could be better next week and ya had a big loss last week, dont give up on it hun I personally think ya are doing grand and ya are well on your way for a stone a month.


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Could your totm be due? or maybe its just as Lizzie says not everyone loses big every week!!! hope you have a big loss next week....good luck Caz xx


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yeah actually it is totm this week so maybe im retaining water.

I'll keep plodding on.........lol

Someone mentioned bruising on their legs last week and i said i was black and blue on my legs, well this week its got really bad in one place, and really painful to touch and gone into lumps now.

If its not started to go down by tuesday i think a trip to the docs might be due.


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I was going to ask if it was yout TOTM...this can slow the 'weight' loss due to excess water and bloating in some people...don't fret, we are all different and my rate of weight loss will differ to the next person's even if we are the same height and weight, etc...

Good luck and keep going, you are doing well...chin up!