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So, I've cleaned the house, changed all the sheets, made several cups of coffee, I just can't believe how much time used to be taken up with food. So today I have dusted off my bass guitar. I am starting from page one in my learn to play the bass book, and by the time I am at my goal weight I will have completed it. That is my challenge!

What do you guys do to distract yourselves? Have you found any new hobbies?


LeeLee x
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Fab LeeLee!!

My OH is also plays bass although he slums it every so often and plays guitar and sings to me (don't care he can't sing very well :))

I mostly distract myself with food programmes (madness I know) on telly, and try and stay as active as I can here in the forum, it's really been a big help to me.



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Teapot I also like food programmes, even looking at pictures of food helps me although it may sound weird!
In the first two weeks I slept, watched TV & cleaned A LOT! Now I don't really need a distraction.. I'm just used to not eating now I suppose.. Do whatever you have to do to keep on going hun. Good luck x x