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Divorce - question

Hi all.

Weird question, I know, but -

Realistically, how much does a divorce cost?
All relevant costs included, not just the standard fee.
How much is it going to set me back in total just to get this finalised?
We'll be splitting all costs 50:50.

(And I'm sorry if this sounds horribly heartless, but at the moment I need to be practical. I'm skint, but I need to get my legal status sorted out, as there are other things which depend on it.)

Can any one help?
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I don't know either Sarah but surely there is some official , legal body that can help you.

Divorce from my ex was the greatest favour I ever did myself.

I wish you much happiness my friend !!!
I think your best bet is to find a solicitor. If you have already agreed to split costs, have agreed to split assets & have made all necesary arrangements with regards to any children ( if relevant) it will not be a hugely expensive process.


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If you have no issues to settle - assets, custody, finances - then a solicitor will just be an expensive secretary. You can do it all online for a much cheaper fee, as long as you are sure it's not going to be contested.

You might want to see a solicitor for a free/cheap one-off consultation just to confirm the process and check you haven't forgotten anything.

Sorry - don't know exact figures, but if you do a search for online divorce, lots of sites will come up.

A friend of mine used a solicitor and it cost her over £2000. Another did it online for about £600 (I think) - neither had kids or financial issues... I will be going through the process later this year (after waiting for the 2 year separation, so we can have a 'no fault' divorce) and will be using an online service.

Good luck, whatever you decide.
Hi, when I left my ex husband we verbally agrred between ourselves to split everything 50/50, however futher down the line things started to get nasty (no suprise there!!), think my final bill was around 3 grand ;o(.......xx
Thanks everyone.

I know what the official fees are - I just wondered whether anyone had recent experience to know what the true total would really be.

And thanks for your concern, too. But everything's fine.
There are no children to deal with, we separated amicably (in terms of living arrangements) 3 years ago, tried to maintain some sort of relationship, but it didn't really work, so we decided a year ago that we would just try to be friends.
We have no joint assets left to split, and really we just need to tie up a legal loose end.

Sorry to sound so clinical about it, but it really doesn't feel like an emotional thing to be doing. It's just the legal recognition of what has been the actual situation for years.

Sad that it didn't work, obviously. But really that sadness was all dealt with at the time, and now it's just needing to sort the legalities out.

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