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Here we go again!
Hi all.
For the last week or so my head has been quite woozy when standing up. Once stood up, after a few seconds I get quite dizzy and feel as though I am going to faint. I thought if I was going to get this I would have had it in the first few weeks.

Not sure whether to let this go or check it out. It's not too bad but not very nice. Any advice at all would be really appreciated.
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Slowly but surely!
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Hi I have been feeling the same for a few days now, I was really bad saturday and havent felt well since, ive not cheated yet but its worrying me as im so week and feel really hungry, im sure ill be in bed early again tonight :( I really miss working out but have no energy :(


Here we go again!
Thanks mummyem. Sorry you're not feeling well. I don't feel hungry or tired just a little dizzy when I stand up. Hope it passes soon though cos this is the first time I've not felt well on this diet in 11 weeks!


Slowly but surely!
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Thanks hun, Maybe you should ask your pharmacist to check your blood pressure, maybe its a bit low. I have felt ok the last 3 weeks so I didnt expect it to get harder lol but these things are sent to try us lol


Here we go again!
Yeah, I'll mention it to them on Saturday and see what they say. Whatever happens, I really don't want to come off this though. Worried that's what they'll suggest but if I have to then I will. I will be really gutted though.
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I hope you wont have to stop doing LT as you sure are an inspiration to all of us, they may put you on re-feed or maintenance for a little while, but your health comes first.


One last chance
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I've been having that for months now, well I've had them for 2-3 years but on LT they've gotten worse. I've fainted twice from them too.

But it's just one of the side effects I think, I mean we're not taking in any sugar, or food for that matter lol so we're bound to get them.

You'll be fine, just try moving a little more slowly.


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i talked to the lipotrim lady ntoday because ive been dizzy and she said it can be a side affect of making too many keytones. told me to drink more water. Might help :)

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