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Do any of you have "days off"


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i dont generally but am today as my boyfriend is cooking for me.

my friend has a "day off a week" where he eats what he wants, surely this is just binging, and should be classed as a yoyo diet and eventually it will be his downfall?

just curious as to whether others do it this way?
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must lose twinny belly :)
Ive just started back to ww after doing lipotrim and 8 yrs ago i lost 4 stone on ww
always on weigh day i have a little treat, sometimes a takeaway but mostly just a choccy bar or soemthing small - only if i have a decent loss though xx
I sort of had sunday off as we went out for a meal.

However I chose my food sensibly & didn't have dessert (had a mouthfull of daughters & hubbys:D)

I don't really see the point in having a day off as if you binge then you are not going to loose weight surely:confused: because say you loose a pound that week & then have a day off & eat for england then that pound will just go straight back on I would have thought.

If I am having a craving rubbish day I just eat WW sweet stuff but within my points but I very rarely have those now that I am eating healthy:D


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If i have ever slipped on a day I make the points back on the following days. Otherwise I just assume I won't lose any weight


I probably would have a day off for a special occasion and we're eating out or ordering in, but I wouldn't go crazy, and I might have the odd treat here and there but only if it fits into my points allowance.


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Theres a big difference between having a day off and bingeing!!! Ive had days off if I have a special occasion or been out for dinner etc, I sure as hell dont binge. I do stick to my points every other day. I suppose any day you dont use all your points whether youre over them or under them could be classed as a day off as youre not following the plan


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If your bf is cooking for you why dont you try to point it? Or i wouldnt have the whole day off if it was me Just that one meal off and be good the rest of the day, no need to be totally off points. :) Hope the meal is nice chick. :)


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I have personally never had off days or treats when I lose weight because I quite often see it as an open ticket to eat more junk, but thats just me.

I have a friend who follows a strict diet mon-fri and has take-aways and chocolate ect at the weekends, she has managed to lose 6 stone in 1 year doing this, so I suppose it must work, I find it hard to believe that it works, but she's living proof I suppose. As long as you stick on track the rest of the time, it might not have an effect. Oh and I don't think my friend binges, she knows what she'll have from the chinese and buy a certain amount of chocolate, but she doesn't go over the top.



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I usually have a Chinese and wine on my wi night, and although I class it as my treat night I generally keep within my points :)

Same here, have a treat but keep within points. I tend to do this more if i have a good loss though. If i put on or STS i dont bother. Mental thingy for me i think.


must lose twinny belly :)
yeah although i have a treat itsa norm withing my ponts as i eat very light on weight day lol


I'm going to be slim
I always bank some points during the week to cover for the weekends just in case we go out or have a takeaway.
It's all about planning but I don't binge like I used to, my dinner plate is half the size it was & i'm sure that helps


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I can't bring myself to have a 'day off' without either planning for it in advance or cutting back on the following few days. I try to stick to the same points everyday and if I know I'm going out or it's a special occasion I try really hard to save points. That way I think I enjoy it more because I feel like I 'deserve' it and that it won't impact on my weight loss so much.

However, one of my friends regularly has 'days off' over the weekend. The one thing I worry about is that she just eats soooo much rubbish - she doesn't even attempt to opt for healthier options which I think shows that she regards herself as 'being on a diet' on WW rather than seeing it as a healthy lifestyle. I'm not sure how sustainable that is in the long-run.


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im the same as the rest of the guys i dont binmge but most weekends have chinese and few drinks but am always in my points.

I would personally stay with the plan all day and try and point what your oh cooks for you if you go over just make the points up over the next few days


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah he proper binges! like ridiculously. he'll eat the world then drink it too. I tried pointing the meal but it was waaaaayyy over points cozof double cream being in it, tried getting the ww cream but they were sold out and elmlea apparently "wont do" it was very tastey but i've gotta be good now lol!


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I have days off and weeks off! :) but not on purpose, i don't just dedicate one day to just eat rubbish... sometimes on different weeks it just happens, then i make it up by having less points for the rest of the week! :)