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do any of you "make up" for what you have eaten?

Im the same. If I have something that takes me over my points, I'll go on the wii fit for half an hour lol. Also feel the need to exercise when Im within my points, if Ive eaten chocolate, makes me feel guilty and it shouldnt if Im not over my points. Oh well :) Seems to be working so far!
l just cut the points the next day or like yourself exercise the points off. its great we can do that, I've being on so many restrictive diets ww is brill:D


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah im proper getting into "earning treats" after slugging it out running, the treat tastes so much nicer :)
This is where I have a problem with food as if I have gone over my points I feel like a failure and I get so mad with myself for having no control to stick to my points then I think oh sod it and I have a major binge. Not a healthy way to be with food at all!


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
i was like that til like 3 days ago! haha its just today when im thinking " i have a treadmill, if i want a treat, do the exercise first and have it guilt free" its a win win situation because i want the treat guilt free and i want to tone and running does that for me ( hips are an issue with me)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
If i go over i draw a line under it and start again the next meal, its usually evening i have an issue with so its always the next day. I did try to spread my points out but it never works.

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