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Do boys do this?

I bought a dress on ebay last week. When I bought it I knew it didn't fit me, but if I lose the 10lbs I want to before Christmas, then I know it will. Seems counter-intuitive to do this though. :confused:

Some of my girlfriends have these 'aspirational' dresses too. I was just wondering if any of the men here do this sort of thing?

And girls, do you have something hanging in the wardrobe, or in a shop or online, you have your heart set on? What is it? ;)
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I have a ton of nice new clothes that my boyfriend bought for me before i fell pregnant with my 2nd daughter. It breaks my heart knowing they arte collecting dust yet i can't even get one leg in : (
Sooooo this is my goal, to dust them off and eventually feel as good as these clothes look. It gets me excited just thinking about it lol x
I'm male and have a pair of size 32 waist jeans that I wore on my first day of Uni years ago (at my slimmest adult weight, having done Atkins all that summer) in the wardrobe, which is my target.

woulden't ever go out and buy new clothes that don't fit me though. It's more of a 'can't wear clothes I still like in my wardrobe' issue for me.
I bought a beautiful maxi dress for next summer. When I bought it, it was 3-4 sizes too small, now it's 2 sizes too small. So next summer is a good and realistic target I think
Nope, I don't do shopping, period. :) Colleen buys all my clothes, if she didn't I'd still be walking around in stuff 10 times to big. :D


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I did buy some stuff in a 12 years ago and then left them in the cupboard, just gave them to charity last year.

So, instead, I'm hanging on for as long as I can and putting £10 a week into a jar at home, to have some shopping money for when I've lost a bit more and need a boost.



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I actually found two dresses, size 10 & still with labels on. I had forgotten I had bought them :-O

Steve's the same Jim, but he does have some favorites he wants to get back into :)
I have a dress that I want to wear on my next cruise - it's a beautiful, long, navy blue gown, that's a size 12 Canadian. I last fit it when I was about 150lbs. It's hung in my closet for (ulp) 14 years! But I'm going to wear that dress in November.

Might just have to tighten some corset strings though...
We're going on a RCI cruise (Explorer of the Seas) out of New Jersey. I'm very excited - my parents are coming with us, as well as our two kids, so it will be a great holiday. I love having a chance to dress up!

We've never gone with Royal Caribbean before, but we've had some lovely cruises with Carnival. Maybe we'll try Cunard one day when the kids won't be coming with us :)
Sounds lovely :D
I can see why you wouldn't chose Cunard yet. The children could be bored, they need more of a fun time, lol.
We don't sail again until next May :(

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