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Do I let it stop me applying for this job?


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I need a job, I've mentioned it a few times on here so I'm sure some of you will well know that. Anyway, Topshop near me is looking for a Supervisor and I know I could do it hands down. However, as the uniform I'm pretty sure that you wear Topshop clothes. They only go up to size 16, and I'm not there yet. So I don't know what to do. I don't want my weight to stop me applying for a job that I need and want. But I really don't want the embarrassment that will come from the whole situation. I don't know what to do!
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Go for the job if you want it. You sound very confident that you can do. As for wearing their clothes well I have seen many people in retail clothing shops which are suppose to promote the clothing but cannot fit into the sizes.

Remember that very soon you will though!.....

I think that most employers will consider all the points that they need for a person to suit the job however, if there is someone which cant handle the position but fits the clothes, I wouldn't give them the job. I would give the person qualified the job and explain that they need to be neat and presentable/fashionable (I'm sure you are already).

Go for it!

Aren't they effectively discriminating, if they're only supplying clothes up to size 16? Perhaps they have some alternative arrangement? Or do Topshop find some convenient excuse for not employing people who happen to be 'plus sizes'?


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Hey hun,
Go for it, I would say. What can you lose? Nothing. You'll be able to fit in the size 16s in a few weeks! Honestly hun, if you want it and need it, give it a go. You seem passionate enough about it, don't let their clothing size deter you. Good luck, regardless of what decision you make xx


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They might have an alternative arrangement, I don't really know! I just don't want to have that conversation with some stick thin manager where I have to turn around and be all like oh, yeah, I don't fit these clothes, what do I do about it. It's embarrassing. I wish I'd started this diet a couple of years ago! I think I'm going to still apply. I know I can do the job. And I guess if I get it, they can sort something out, even if it's I wear clothes from another Arcadia group store that doesn't only go up to 16... like Dorothy Perkins, or Evans. So I'll put together my covering letter and CV and apply, and just see what happens I guess.


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Go for it! What an incentive to keep on track with CD. Before you know it you will be in those clothes and getting staff discount too ;-)
Hey hun! I used to work for Evans and if you don't fit the clothing in that particular store they used to let you get your uniform from another one of their stores in the Arcadia group. So as you said, they would let you get them from Evans or Dorothy Perkins. It was a few years ago but I can't imagine it has changed. They are a fab to work for so go for it! :)


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they can not legally disregard you on grounds of clothes size hun!!!!
Apply for the job...you want it, your suitable...what's stopping you?
Never EVER from here on in let weight be a factor for you hun!

Can you imagine the legal backlash that would come up if they didnt hire you becuase of weight?!?!?

Do it, and do it now!!! :)
You'll be super!
(oh, and their clothes arent all that anyway...and thats from someone who can shop there...i choose not to! lol)

good luck hun :D


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It's not that I think they'll discriminate, I just don't want the embarrassment really. But I've got to just get over it!


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Oh and... Thanks for all the good lucks guys!!


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I didn't think that Top Shop had a "uniform" - i thought they just wore casual clothes...

I would definitely go for it - and all the best!! Let us know how you get on.



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I don't think it's a uniform as such in that everyone wears the same. I think it's a case of you're given an allowance to choose some clothes from the store, and that's your uniform. If that makes sense!


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Go for it girl. if you get an allowance for clothes pick some really funky accessories, and some of the loose t -shirts and kaftans and stuff would probably be ok anyway. They want your experience and skill not a size 10 bum, and when you get there you will have the whole package anyway!
Go for it! If you're right for the job, your size wont put the interviewer/s off.
Good luck.


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Go for it. Best of luck. As for the embarrasment bit, well atleast you know you are doing something about your weight and will be shrinking right before their eyes lol.

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