Do I or dont I get the flapjack bars??

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by blondie29, 21 July 2009 Social URL.

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    Ok im due to go and get weighed tomorrow for my 1st WI, and I am then able to get the bars, flapjack and coconut but ive seen that some of you say they are awful??

    I dont know what to do as I thought it would be easier with the bars as I could have them in work or when Im out but now Im starting to think this isnt such a good idea if they are that bad. I dont want to get them and then be stuck with them and be starving and not have enough shakes :cry:...

    So what do you all think about the bars?? Are they really that bad that you cant eat them? Is it good as you are actually chewing something??

    Im ok with the shakes but I cant have the soup I think its awful !!!
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  3. Scotsmist

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    Hi blondie

    I tried them and I didnt like them...but I have decided to give them another go this week when I go on Thursday as I reckon my palate has changed that much.

    What one likes can be opposite to what you like. Doirin eats them, I think twice a day, and finds them is true that the majority hate them, but if it is going to make your life easier, it might mean getting used to them????

    I would get them, and ask the pharmacist if you dont like them can you swap,...this is what mine did. No reason why they wont take them back.

    See how you get on and then you can try and post on here with your comments :)

    Take care
  4. b_n_3003

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    I've had them this week, and I would recommend you get 2 (one peanut and one coconut) to try, I got 7 and although they are OK I think i'll just get 4 next week

  5. Aoife

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    They don't taste wonderful, but they are handy. I take them to work with me and have them once a day. Usually out and about at the weekend. The first one you take, probably will not be great, but you do acquire a taste for them. The act of chewing is nice too.
    Can you pop into your chemists and change them, if you really don't like them. I would recommend getting a couple of each and see how ye go, or five in total and try them at work and see how ye get on. They are not forever just while you are on TFR. Good luck.
  6. Elle-Emm

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    I've not tried either - but I keep meaning to get 1 of each, I'm sure they're not delicious but they';re not really meant to be :)

    I'd say try one of each, or try one one week the other the next. No harm in trying, and you may find the added roughage comes in handy, lol.

    Must remember to get them myself on saturday.
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