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Do it alone or go to a group??


I am looking to start slimming world in the New Year.. I am just wondering what people thought about doing it at home with support from my hubby or go to the groups?? I am just thinking is it worth the £20ish a week by going to a group??

You're advice is greatfully received, thank you x
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I think it very much depends on the person on whether or not you need the support of the group. Its only £5 a week though not £20! Unless you have 3 imaginary friends your taking too ;)

I go it alone but others on here have done great at group and thought they can do it alone but ended up back at group rejoining with a big fat gain.

If you do go it alone I would def recommend having a weigh in buddy who you tell the results to each week, either on here in the form of a team or a friend/hubby

Good luck
Hi Pink Mummy, for me it is definately group! I have tried doing it alone and always found I cheated - it's not so much about someone else weighing me it more the 'image therapy' sessions they have after. I try to always stay and when I don't I find I struggle and lose motivation. You get to meet people but also hear of great recipes, new HExa/b and new free food. Everyone is different tho so you might prefer doing it at home
Sorry I'm such a dimwit I mean't £20 a month!! I am thinking about going to group, I went a few years ago.. I love the support I just hate it when they go round the room asking how much you've lost and what you're going to improve on etc.. Do they still do that?? Thank you for your help
much better in group.. you have people who know where to get things, people who might even get things for you, and people with ideas that you might not ever have thought of..

plus nothing beats the feeling of everyone clapping you for your weight loss or whatever awards you get..

also, depending on your BMI and your local health service, you may be able to get a referal from your GP for 12 weeks free.. and if you still qualify, a repeating "perscription" of referals..
Yeah.. I am liking the sound of the group more.. Especially as I know I'll probablu cheat if I do it alone! I just wanted to make sure before spending the money if you know what I mean. Thank you so much for your help..
I joined my local group last December & got all the info & books ets, but unfortunately had to stop going for health reasons.....slipped 3 discs in my neck & couldnt sit/stand/lie!!! I lost a stone because all I could eat were satsumas & Muller Yogurts, but then that lost stone crept back on & another stone decided to join it!!! Hence here I am over 2 stone heavier than I would like.
I must admit I did contemplate going to group again, but thought I would try on my own & if I didnt lose go to group. So far I have lost 7lbs in 5 weeks, so pleased with that.
I prefer to come onto sites like this....but everyone is different & you have to do what is best for you
Kim63 that's great advice thank you, I hope all is ok with your back now.. Thank you for your help and well done on your weight loss x
Thanks Pink Mummy..........ended up having surgery, but all fixed now. At least now I can get out & do some exercise....I was training for the Moonwalk when it happened, so I would love to get that level of fitness back again, but need to shift some of this excess adipose !!!
This is a great site, everyone is very helpful & informative....I dont post that much as too busy reading what everyone has written!
I am another one in favour of going to class .... I just couldnt do it on my own ... I need to go to class to do it ... i dont know why because we dont get shouted at or anything when we gain but i just cant do it by myself.

Good luck with whichever option u go for x
If you think you'll cheat then class would probably be best for you. I do it alone because I'm in the right place to just get on with it and know I'll only be cheating myself iyswim. I'm also not comfortable with the whole image therapy thing but lots of people swear by group and couldn't do it any other way. Good luck with whatever you choose!
I'd say go, get all the info and see if you think you like it or not. If you're not keen you can carry on yourself at home with all the info.
I wasn't really keen on group, I found it a bit daft if I'm honest. I think part of that was I was working evenings so it seemed a waste of my time off.
I also found it a bit demotivating being weighed on an evening rather than first thing on a morning cos I was so much heavier!
I'm doing it from home now and seem to be in the 'zone'. I'd say it's probably easier to cheat if you're goin it alone though. Maybe a slimming buddy on here would be an alternative?
I can't do it without a class. I lose a bit and then start getting distracted, with a class I find it so much easier to keep focused and I get mildly competitive too, which helps!!

I've found when i've been to different classes in the last year or so, that there hasn't been quite so much emphasis on how much each individuals have lost, which some times I prefer, but when i've had a big loss I want to shout it from the rooftops and don't get the chance!!

I can't wait to re-join a class after christmas, At the moment i'm loosely following the plan to maintain over christmas - seems to be working so far!
ive only been going to class 4 weeks...

to be honest i hate going alone but i have no choice, cant do it alone and need to lose weight so i just try and go near end of weigh in, so i dont have to wait to long for meetings to start.
I force myself to talk to people in the queue - i'm sure people think i'm mad to start, but give it a while and a couple of weeks later you've got some new friends.

It's easy to find an excuse to talk to people when everyone's there for the same common goal - 'how have you got on this week?'!!
ive only been going to class 4 weeks...

to be honest i hate going alone but i have no choice, cant do it alone and need to lose weight so i just try and go near end of weigh in, so i dont have to wait to long for meetings to start.
Have you seen the other thread about going to meetings alone? Loads of ideas on how to break the ice and get chatting etc.

you shouldnt dread going to class - I'm sure that cant help your overall state of mind and how you think about eating and losing weight. Hopefully you'll get a bit more settled and relaxed in time and enjoy it more

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