Do Re-starts work?


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Well I am on my restart and on week 1 lost 11lb, I only lost 8lb last time! I wouldn't say it was as easy though - I struggled for the first few days, because somehow you don't have the same umph and excitement to do it as last time, but now in ketosis and I'm fine!!!


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If your in the zone you should be able to do it, i'm in week 2 of restarting after losing 4 stone in 2008 on CD, I now have 6 stone to lose and have already lost 17lbs.

I think the the length of time between restarting could make a difference as it is (almost) like doing it the first time but Dogtanion is right it is a bit harder the first few days as it is not NEW (think its a mental thing).

Think you should go for it, the only thing you have to lose is that 3 stone.


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I agree - I think there is an excitement and enthusiasm the first time, and also its all new and you don't know what to expect ... but also the second time I don't have the same fear of going out of ketosis which I had the first time x


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Sorry all, but going to buck the trend here and say potentially not. The nature of the fact that you are restarting, having successfully used CD to lose your weight in the first place, obviously indicates that you did not effect a long term change in your eating habits. Now don't get me wrong, I love CD with an absolute passion, it has been a fantastic tool for me to lose a lot of weight, fast. But i know really that that it all it is, a tool. Any diet, WW, SW.... can work if you use it properly, (although in my experience none has ever come close to getting me the results CD has.) This is my first time at CD, and i never want to 'restart' in a big way, which is why i am using the time 'away' from food and really trying to move up the plans properly to actually make those long term changes. It seems in a way that the food we eat, the way we lose weight is almost irrelevent. To make this a sucess you need to address the fundamental reasons why you are overweight in the first place. For me that continues to be a struggle with examining my relationship with food, in terms of the emotional reasons for overeating, the behaviours i have developed over many many years and never really had opportunity to question before. Strongly recommend following some of the threads that follow this type of discussion. There are quite a few stickys on similar subjects. I read one a few days ago which was useful, will try to find it for you.
Don't want to be a party pooper, of course you can lose the weight, CD is a wonderful tool to allow you to do so, and i wish everybody every success, but the head stuff is just so important if we want a chance to not have to come back to it again...and again... xx


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The sticky in the 'strugglers and restarters' section on emotional eating is good, although its not the one i was thinking of which i now cannot find.... grrrr.....thats annoying. I know i should save these things!

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Yes! I'm absolute proof that restarts can work. I regained all my weight first time around (approx 3 stone) lost it again and have now been maintaining for a few months quite happily. I think I would have struggled to get back onto SS+ though and did 810 instead. Porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch, protein and vegies and then a mix-a-mousse for dessert. Perfect :)

I know some people struggle with getting back onto the plan, but I used my time on 810 the second time around to basically read everything KD had written in minimins and went back onto food in a much better place.

So naturally the head stuff is important and we can put it off in CD because the weight loss happens with nowhere near as much effort (IMHO) as a traditional diet. Do the head stuff and you will be fine.
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I have been on CD three times now. This is my third. I didn't put on in between but have just chopped and changed diets as I got bored. But then I had a very long way to go.

I have found it easier this time to be honest. I know what to expect. I know the hunger in the first few days won't kill me. I'm not so worried about knocking myself out of ketosis.

Butterfly is right though that the head stuff is essential. My logic is I'm not doing all this work and sacrificing so much to put it on afterwards. I'm trying to sort my head out along the way and I hope that'll help me maintain long term.


Thank You!!

:D It has been great reading your posts. I am finding reading them and others really motivating and helping to keep me focussed and i guess that is the key.
I agree about sorting out the head thing though, when i think of it we eat to cleebrate, commiserate, to get warm, to cool down, to welcome people, to send em off etc etc basically I think I use food for everything!!! lol Have managed 3 days (just:wave_cry:) Feeling very positive though.


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Have managed 3 days (just:wave_cry:) Feeling very positive though.

Fantastic. Keep it up :clap:

In answer to the first message. The first time is often called the Golden Time. This is when people usually find it easiest, but it's only because of where their head is. Often desperate, excited, the novelty factor is there etc.

After that, the head can be in a different place on a restart and it can hinder...but it doesn't have to.

It took me 3 goes to get to goal, and each time I learnt something about myself. That really helped me.

Keep feeling positive. Take one day at a time. Enjoy the diet and especially the results :)


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wise words as usual KD, and good to know it took you 3 goes to goal (if you know what I mean) as it proves it is possible, and makes me feel less of a failure, for falling off the wagon.

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The first time is often called the Golden Time. This is when people usually find it easiest, but it's only because of where their head is. Often desperate, excited, the novelty factor is there etc.
Good thinking KD and very true. I only put a stone on after a loss of 3 and a half and this stone has been the hardest ever to get rid of. I have had so many restarts but as long as we are trying we shouldn't be putting any more on


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Hi Folks,

Love this thread, I too am a re-re-re-starter, but it really isn't about how many times you start it is about what you do when you are there.. very wise words from Butterfly and KD.

The only time we will truly fail is when we stop trying :)

I can do it

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I too am on day 2 of a re-start. I previously lost 50lb before Xmas took a month off and put back on 19lb. In doing so I feel I have learnt a valuable lesson that although I can shift the weight I cannot go back to eating/drinking what I did before and not put it all back on. This lesson I hope will serve me well when I get to goal and start to re-introduce food back into my life. It has been harder to start this time and after a week of playing around I had realised I was only hurting myself and very soon the rest of that 50lb could creep back on.

So yes I agree with both sides that CD is just a vehicle to loose weight and it is what happens after that counts but also you can re-start and suceed and all the proof of that I need is KDs story.

Take care and good luck

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