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Do the bars trigger anyone to eat more??

Hi all,
I am on day 8 of CD SS and so far so good! Amazingly I am hardly tempted to eat, and have stuck to it 110% :D

I am just wondering about the bars though. I love the shakes and porridge but it would be nice to have something to chew on now and then but from what I hear they are nice and sweet and some are a bit like mars bars. I am just worried that if I eat one it will make me want to eat more, that it will trigger me like chocolate sometimes can.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Good or bad? I am just not sure that I want to risk it but would like to try them.

Also, do they effect the weight loss at all? If they have more calories then I think that I will stay clear of them as I am trying to loose as much as I can before I go away early March.

Bingbong x
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I was worried about eating them too but it doesnt seem to have effected me at all, if chop them up into loads of little bits and ea them slowly for your first few till you get used to it you should be fine.

im not sure on the calorie side of things though but they wouldnt give you them if you werent allowed them :D
I like the bars (well, the cranberry one anyway) but I don't feel full when i've had one like I do with a shake or a mousse..
I was worried too, but they didn't affect me either and I actually felt quite full after one! I have however, discovered they seemed to be slowing my weight loss, so I am leaving off them this week to see if it makes a difference. xx
hmmmm, thanks guys. But now I am more confused than ever!!! :confused:

I don't want to slow my weight loss down, or to not feel satisfied, but the thought of chewing on something with some taste seems very appealing really. I miss strong tastes!!!

BB x
Hi there

I have 2 bars a day and have lost 8lbs over the last 2 weeks - I'm happy with that!!

I would give it a go and see how you are with them - can get a bit windy though!!!

Good luck



likes to post
I wonder if its the bars that are slowing my weight loss down, as since I've been having them my weight loss seems to have slowed down as well, I might not have them next week, and see if it makes any difference.
I have the bars and have no cravings for them - nor do they seem to be affecting my weight loss. It's just nice to have a different texture and flavour, not to mention being able to have something portable!

I would try it, you never know until you try right?!
Hi there,

I have had bars since week 3 and haven't noticed a difference in my losses for that reason, some weeks I have 3 bars and others 7. I have however noticed since xmas that I find them moreish and I get cravings so I think it may come down to how strong I am feeling?

Before xmas it was no problem but then I had 2 planned days off and obviously ate 'normal food'. I did get straight back on plan but I suspect I need a couple of weeks free of bars to get used to 'no chewing' again and to feel a bit stronger!

I would say it's a personal choice, if you feel very strong and that by allowing yourself a bar you will not 'eat' anything else then go for it! I see this as my treat and helps to feel normal when you can nibble on something. If you feel at all rocky on ss then stay clear for a bit longer maybe?

Well done for getting to day 8, great start! xx

How Soon Is Now

Tahlula Bandanna :D
i am worried about them too...i think im just going to steer clear of them out of fear...i would hate to make things harder for myself. what you dont know cant hurt you! maybe if i got super bored with the shakes then i would give them a go...but they frighten me! id end up eating them all at once in a big binge i think.

i wouldnt but...i suppose it depends what your like!
this was probably very unhelpful! haha nevermind...hope you make the right decision!

Erin x
When I was on cd I had the bars, bought enough for 1 a day BUT ate them all nearly in one sitting, once i started eating them I craved more and more so I eneded up just buying 1 a week as a treat on wi day.xx


Taking one day at a time.
Hmmm... I have tried the bars in the past and find that they are every bit as lovely as mainstream sweeties. I do think they are dangerous, and that is why we aren't allowed them until we are on week 3. But even then, I think they could cause problems. I will be giving them a miss - esp the peanut one which is so gorgeous!
This is all great advice for me who is starting CD on Monday.....I think I will take what I have read here, and once I can start eating them, use it as a treat, one a week like susan70.

Personally, the motion of eating and chewing, might make me want to eat other foods! Dont know if I need that tempation there infront of me :)
I've never had the CD bars but the LL bars gave me awful cravings and tended to result in me eating too many or eating real food. And the LL bars don't even taste that nice. I had to give them up. From what I hear, the CD bars are much nicer so could be even more tempting.
I am ok with the bars. I would normally eat only half and then almost forget about the other half as being in ketosis i forget to eat(if only i could have forgotten to eat so much in the first place wouldnt be doing this diet):rolleyes: I love the bars COME ON WEEK 2 I NEED MY BARS lol:D
Blimey, I had decided to try them and now having read the last few posts I think that maybe I need to rethink that!!!
I am just finding that my taste buds are missing tasting!! The shakes are yummy but I want a stronger flavour, and was hoping that the bars would help. But I really don't want to set off a craving. I don't know, maybe Susan has the best idea, a treat after WI only.
Will see how I feel come wi day when I can get them.

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