Do the diet you feel ok with and get on with it! Negativity towards diets annoys me

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  1. Heffa

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    And hopefully proof that VLCDs arent the only way to lose a lot of weight (quote from a thread on Minimins news)

    There always seems to be negativity towards VLCD's. I'm not sure why.
    I lost 5 1/2 stone on WW about 10 years ago, fell pregnant put a bit on, stay at home mum, put another bit on, etc etc - back to 5 1/2 stone to lose.

    I tried WW again last year and lost 2 1/2 stones in 6 months. I put all that back on by Christmas. There must be more people than me who've tried most diets. Where your head is may dictate the path you choose. Some people can't maintain a VLCD as it is really restrictive. Some people need to have rapid results to keep going. Some people see this as a last resort.

    This isn’t the only negative comment I’ve read about VLCD’s.
    Why in a support forum is there sniping when I get enough of that at work?
    Whoever said VLCD’s were the only way to lose a lot of weight?

    Whichever way works for anyone is fine with me. I admire everyone for trying, not only those who have lost a zillion stone. Its hard for everyone to do. It’s hard calculating BMI and finding you’re obese. Harder to start a diet and face up to having ignored your weight and you may be putting your life at risk. Hard to keep going when you’ve lost/gained 1 lb or stayed the same.

    Well done to everyone trying to improve their health !!! Yay you !!!

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  3. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    well said
  4. Starlight

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    Well since Im being the one quoted I think its only fair I reply.

    Im not being in any way negative towards VLCD, far from it. While I know theyre not for me, I know they are a fantastic way to lose weight. BUT when I joined Minimins the only people who had lost a lot of weight were those on VLCDs, I found that really disheartening, as I knew I could never do CD or LL and didnt know if losing 10/15 stones was really viable on WW. I had noone to compare losses with.

    My comment wasnt negative towards VLCDs, Im not negative towards VLCDs, I post on all the forums, and support people on all kinds of diets.

    All I was pointing out was that by losing 10 stones on WW, I hoped that it was showing people that diets like WW which people tend to dismiss if they have lots to lose, were a real option. I think youve totally misread it if you saw that as sniping....

    Post 18 on this thread is the one being referred to.
  5. Mrs B

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    Sorry missed the quote at the start just thought it was a general comment. I do agree with Heffa but can't see that Starlight has said anything "wrong".

    Starlight your achievement is amazing, well done!

    Horses for courses IMO. I couldn't do WW as they sell too much chocolate and sweets and I could never stop at one, lol.
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  6. pandora

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    Sorry, i didn't know it was in ref to a post, just thought somone was saying all diets for all people, no offence intended Sandy
  7. Starlight

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    No offence taken Cheryl, I just felt my comment was quoted out of context. As you know Im most definitely not negative towards CD or any other VLCD diet - far from it.
  8. julesrush

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    What diet you follow is totally upto the individual, for me personally i wanted the quick weight loss as i knew if i went onto ww or sw (have done in past) when i have 9 stone to lose i would get disheartened very quickly losing one or two pounds a week.

    The main thing is no matter what diet you lose your weight on if you go back to old eating habits you will gain the weight the same anyway. Its all in the training of portion sizes and not overindulgence thats the key x

    cdc norwich
  9. Hedgehog

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    I dont think there was anything particularly negative towards vlcd in the quote to be honest, even before I read the link. Just stating that there are other options is not negative its democracy. Having choices is important so people can chose what suits them best.

    I do believe there is negativity towards vlcd's out there, which is why I have not told a whole lot of people I am doing it but i dont think that comment could be included.
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