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do u eat doing nothing?

i've been reading paul mckenna i can make u thin and he says u should eat without doing anything else and i tried this last nite and relised i always want food when i'm doing something like being on the pc but i never taste it.
yesterday i tried eating without doing anything and i relised i was actually tasting my food and i wasn't keen on some of the food i thought i loved but i snack on. also i was full alot quicker. but i did find it hard and my mind kept drifting off.
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I don't make a habit of sitting and doing nothing, but I do agree that 'eating consciously' is a big help to avoid that hand to mouth movement we sometimes do without thinking.

I also once read somewhere that you should never eat anything standing up. Nothing to do with digestion, it's just that so many little treats pop into our mouths while cooking, clearing plates, putting away shopping etc. All food should be taken properly by sitting down and preferably using crockery and cutlery- I guess it is the same principle


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I always eat my meals at the table, even if I'm on my own.
Admittedly, we usually have the TV on at dinnertime (for the news or one show!) but tend to chat too.
Breakfast is often eaten at my desk but I'm not working when I eat it.
I'm eating right now while I read this!

I like the Paul McKenna book, it's a lot of common sense.

We sit at the table as a family and since it's in the kitchen, there's no tv. It does help though as you can end up over eating without realising. It's so easy to just keep eating.

I try to follow my toddler, when he's full he stops eating (admittedly he then throws his plate on the floor which I won't do!). I'm guilty of eating everything just because it's nice or I don't want to waste it, even when I've stopped enjoying the taste... :rolleyes:


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I am a huge fan of Paul McKenna. His ideas are full of common sense, and I agree with him 100%. I don't eat when doing anything. I used to nibble at my desk when I was employed. Now I work for myself, I stop to have a meal. I am guilty of eating on a tray in front of the TV, but as Paul McKenna suggests, I eat slowly and stop when I feel full. It doesn't matter if there is food left on the plate. By me over eating will not help the starving millions! If I am not sure whether I am really full after a meal. If I am hungry after 20 minutes I have more, but that is almost never.
Also only ever eating when hungry is good.
I once saw an experiment where some people ate blindfolded and some ate without a blindfold. The people who couldn't see their plates ate MUCH less than those that could, because they weren't actually concentrating on finishing what was in front of them, they were just concentrating on enjoying the meal and stopping when they felt satisfied.

I would feel like a bit of a ninny though, and probably pierce my own nose with the fork if I tried it! lol


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I would feel like a bit of a ninny though, and probably pierce my own nose with the fork if I tried it! lol
pmsl :D

I eat breakfast sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, but lunch and dinner in the dining room at the table, regardless of whether I eat alone or with others. If it's dinner, I always light the candles too :p. I couldn't imagine eating anywhere else now - its just a habit :rolleyes:

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