Do u eat on weigh in day's?


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I eat as normal, breakfast and lunch, but don't have my tea until AFTER weigh in! LOL :scale:


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Eat and drink as normal, if you get weighed at the same time on day each week then your losses will still show. Not eating, or drinking will actually probably slow down your metabolism, and could affect your losses the following week.

Everyone weighs less in the mornings, to the evenings, but the important thing is that so long as you're getting weighed at the same time of day, then it's fine


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I get weighed on Thurs night so I have a late lunch, (about 2ish) then eat tea after class! Usually a chinese if ive lost :)
Jillica x


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It doesnt matter what you do, as long as you do the same thing each week, or if you cant for some reason, remember not to beat yourself up if the results are not what you are hoping for. Its just one weigh in, not the end of the world if you dont lose as much as possible.


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Of course I eat :D
Me not eating would be a miracle haha. I tend to have my usual breakfast & lunch and drink until about 2 hours before weigh in. On weigh in day I tend to have a slow cooker meal which I prepare in the morning too, then I come home from class and enjoy it.


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Skinnydawn we meet again and like you I dont eat until after weigh in! These coincidences are getting spooky!


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I got into a really bad habit last year of barely eating a thing on weigh day but knew it was a crazy stupid habit to have got into so I have ate as normal breakfast and lunch this year but I do wait until after weigh in to have my dinner ;)


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I don't, I take an alpen light bar and a banana with me, but I weigh in at 10 am, and thats not much time difference to my normal breakfast anyways

Helen xxx


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I couldnt not eat on WI day!!
I only started last week, so come weds i will have brekkie/lunch and snacks as usual and have something when i get back from class =)


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Nothing passes my lips until I have been weighed on a monday morning but I do weigh in at 9.30am so once ive done the school run, its straight to class and home for about 11 when i inhale my weetabix before running off to work!!!


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I WI at midday. I have the same breakfast and two cups of tea on WI days. If I weighed in later like I used to I would have the same breakfast, lunch and drinks before WI then I'd have my main meal after WI


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I eat the same every Weds until after weigh in :eek:

Fruit for breakfast (i work Weds and always have fruit for breakfast when i'm working anyway), then mugshot, yoghurt and fruit for lunch, and i drink about half a litre of water. I usually drink a litre just at work but i can't bring myself to have so much before weigh in :sigh: Silly i know.


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I have my dinner after weigh in, usually 8:45-9 as class is a late one, then i have to cycle home.



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This is quite refreshing because normally when we have a thread on this loads of people are restricting their food intake on WI day! I think it's great that nearly every so far eats normally after all you have to ask yourself if you want to restrict your foods one day a week for the rest of your life! That to me would seem to go against the SW ethos of normal eating.


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I eat dinner most nights at 7 but have WI between 6.30 and 7.30 so I just eat after I get back and eat normally for the rest of the day. Normal breakfast (2 weetabix, milk and a banana), break (fruit), lunch (whatever is either left over or something specially made) and usually an apple between end of school and WI, it's what I have always done, but I do get changed into my special WI clothes! LOL>


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I get weighed on Thurs night so I have a late lunch, (about 2ish) then eat tea after class! Usually a chinese if ive lost
Jillica x

Im with you there on that one i do exactly the same hehe!


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I get weighed at a 9am class so I don't normally have breakfast til afterwards. The only exception is when I'm on nights and I'll have eaten my last meal at about 5am-but that's usually beans on toast :)


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I also eat as normal, breakfast and lunch, but don't have my tea until after weigh in! I don;t have any drinks ie coffee for about 2hours before - my WI is at 5pm on Thursdays


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i eat as normal but do ensure that i spend a penny just before jumping on the scales, (every little helps right lol)