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Do we have to??


I will be skinny again!!!
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Ok.. Well me and my mum have been debating things, and she is shouting at me for not eating everything on my plate... Even though i am trying to teach myself how to judge when I am full...

In the refeed you can have like yogurts and stuff as a snack.. and I bought alot of these but havent wanted them..

My mum said I must have to eat them as it is in the refeed and i probably have to eat this things to make sure my body can handle all the foods.. otherwise the refeed would say you dont have to eat all of these things..

So she just made me eat a yogurt and I did even though I wasnt hungry...

Any ideas??
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Hun! Don't be fretting so much over the refeed. To me the idea of it is not to pig out and stretch your stomach too quickly. I don't think one yoghurt is going to be a problem.

I think the refeed is about retraining your body to swallow solids and lumps for starters. It is also about letting your stomach stretch to a normal size gradually. It is also about not shocking your system with protein, fats, carbs, etc all at once. I think it is also to give your bowel a chance to settle back into working properly.

I understand that you weren't "hungry" eating the yoghurt but it is about getting back to normal eating. But yes while keeping the good things that you have learned like eating sensible portion sizes and not eating until you will be sick if you eat one more spoonful. It is about not eating till you are stuffed. But it is not about feeling guilty over eating an extra spoon of lettuce, veg or a yoghurt.

I hope I have taken your question up right??

But you are doing fab and are just nervous about ruining all your good work. Your mom is probably worried about an eating disorder developing????


It really does work! :)
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Sara that's a great explanation....I'm following Chelly's refeed closely as I'll be venturing that way next week before my holiday......watch it Chelly, I'm following you! LMAO.

In regards to your question, Sara is spot on I feel, although in my own mind, I can imagine feeling the same. If you have managed on so little for a long time, then anything extra will seem like too much, even if it isn't.


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i reckon you should eat all thats on your plate - its not much at the end of the day!

it sounds to me like you are conditioning yourself to eat less than you need. I understand refeed is a bit of an anxious time, but honestly i had a half egg and dressings that couldn't be avoided (hotel had chucked it on salad) and i lost a 1lb :)

Having said that - tell your mum you are meant to have 3 meals a day. Well 1 of these is a shake and as long as you are eating your 3 meals you are on plan.

I personally have my yoghurt as a pudding after dinner :) Its just cos i like the variety.
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So when can we eat eggs on the re-feed....?? I miss my scrambled egg on wholemeal toast for brekkie..........!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Nothing about eggs in the refeed :(

Havent managed to have my boiled egg yet lol!!

Thank you sara... I ate a yogurt tonight... and wasnt even hungry... just wanted to taste it... and I dont want to get into that cycle again :( :(

Lmao Mark!
I have a stalker lol


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i just realised i haven't eaten dinner :eek: only had a salad and sardines or lunch...wtf?!

i think i have been so nervous cos of my first driving lesson (very scary!) - i need to eat something before i sleep!


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we have always had this rule when we were younger that we always had to clear our plates but sometimes i think thats where it kinda goes wrong. i soon realised that even if someone put a whole cow on my plate i felt as though i must eat my plate clean because "i had to".

you should eat until your not hungry anymore ... sometimes even that one more mouthful makes u stuffed. do u understand what i mean? ive been explaining this to my 7 year old niece who unfortunately has gained alot of weight and it honestly is her parents fault. she has been forever taught to clear her plate but sometimes i can see her eyes are gonna pop out of she has anymore! ...

dietitians always recommend "little and often" as it keeps your metabolism going and also helps you refrain from stuffing your face at meal times because your starving. it also helps to keep your blood sugars in check too.

you should save your yoghurts and other snacks for when your feeling peckish.

bottom line really is that for the time being you should listen to your stomach as it is adjusting to food again, today you may not be able to eat everything on your plate coz your stuffed and tomorrow it might be different. so go with that for a while unless of course your stomach is telling u that it wants a whole chocolate cake!

my main reason for putting on so much weight was comfort eating and eating coz i felt like it.. never because i was hungry!

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