Do we start adding the points this week?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Starlight, 4 January 2009 Social URL.

  1. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    An idea suggested on one of the other threads, which I hadnt thought of and wondered what everyone else thought...

    Is anyone expecting to have lost when they go to class or wi this week :cool:

    Do we start adding the 2, 1, 0 points for wi's this week or do we count this weeks wi as our start weight and start next week?

    I hadnt thought of doing that. I KNOW Ill have gained this week... just not sure by how much :eek:

    Wouldnt want people getting discouraged when the teams have no points this week :rotflmao:
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  3. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    I don't get weighed until Thurs and as Christmas Day and New Years Day both fell on a Thursday we have not had a class since 18 Dec. Have not stood on scales so no idea whether I am up or down. But I am willing to go with the majority

    Irene xx
  4. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    I think that is a good idea actually but I am happy to go with the majority too. It does make sense as we have some newbies having their first WI this week too.
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  6. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    A poll would be good I reckon as it will be anonymous.
  7. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    i think we should start this week - a lot of people have been gearing up, and i know there will be new starters but there always will be and we cant keep using the same reason! Again, teams arent really a big competition, just a little fun, so whether we gain or not is not important just an incentive for everyone who is back on track to keep going :)

    also i am so excited i couldnt possibly wait until NEXT tuesday! and what about Jen? shes a nutter, she wont last for another 2 weeks LOL :D
  8. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  9. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    Yes I know where you all live!!! We cant wait another week!! I havent been this excited since Take That got back together!! although I dont get weighed in till next sunday :p hee hee!!...obv happy to go with the majority :( long as the majority say lets get this baby on the go!!!
  10. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    i agree with jen, who agreed with me :D go go go! :D
  11. omnomnom

    omnomnom The mother flippin'

    Well I've lost this week so obviously I'm happy to start this week ;) But I'm also happy to leave it for another week if that's what everyone wants. I'm eeeeasy. (Ssh Jen, I've heard about you :p)
  12. Tanari

    Tanari 100% Focused

    I'm rearing to go this week but as they say majority rules. Either way I'm cool with it.
  13. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

  14. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    what have you heard....:|
  15. susan70

    susan70 Gold Member

    Deffo this week.xx
  16. lea8198

    lea8198 Gold Member

    That's cool with me.
  17. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    do i still post even if i gain?
  18. lydia150970

    lydia150970 Gold Member

    I think thats a good idea, go with it!
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