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Do you all exercise whilst on LT?


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Hi there.

Just wondered if you all exercise whilst on LT?
If so, how often and how much.
I know exercise will be hard in the first few days and I'm not very good at it but I do like walking. I have a 7 month old and like to walk a couple of miles with him about 3 times per week.
Should I do more? I cant really go to the gym etc cos I have the baby to look after but we do have a wii fit.
What do you all do?
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wants to be slim
I'm embarrassed to say - ive done no exercise at all in the past 6 weeks even though i have a gym membership !! I keep saying to myself i'm going to go tonight but then something crops up and i don't go... Definataly going this week !!
Hi MrsN

As far as exercise goes - it is recommended you dont for the first week or so as your energy will be low while adjusting to the extreme calorie deficit. You will most likely find you dont have the energy anyway!
Exercising is not required on this diet to see results and i believe it is all down to personal preference.
I always find im more motivated after working out so it keeps me going and keeps my mind focused. If i do a grueling hour on the excercise bike then i def dont want to ruin the diet!!
You always have to take into account that there may be a difference in weight loss on the scales depending on how your exercising. You may be losing fat and gaining muscle which weighs heavier. This may also de-motivate you if your anything like me and want to see the lbs dropping!
I dont think you should stop the walking - it can only be doing you good! Just remember that you may not be able to walk as far - but that okay!

hi i walk alot i have beed doing the lipotrim for 7 weeks and i walk roughly 4miles 3 or 4 times a week , i have also started weights recentlyand i am considering buying a vibroplate which apparently helps to tone x


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Thanks for the replies. Yeah I thought that exercise wasn't really necessary but the one thing that worries me is all the excess skin i might end up with. My stomach is huge and very out of proportion to the rest of me so some toning will definately be needed!!!!
Yeah I love the walking I do now - even if its just to the park or round to see friends. Pertol is so expensive anyway that I'm determined to put as little in the car as possible!!
Yeah - i say go for it! I will be too! The main key to the weight loss i found last time round was the water consumption. It played a huge factor in losing the weight... so make sure you glug!!
Im not big into exercising - i dont do the gym and not an avid walker.
I do however walk about a mile to work and back 4 days a week as norm. I have recently bought a new bike so aiming to get out and about on that also.
I have an exercise bike in the garage that ive been using recently and i can do about 15 miles in an hour if i really push myself. Might try that 2/3 times a week.
I find just getting out and about stops me from eating so could even venture to the swimming pool on my bike in the evenings.
My friends have been raving about 'Zumba' workouts - anyone tried this? They look so much fun!!

You should def keep up the walking. As the others said you prob wont be able to do much for first week, I am just finished week one and had very little energy for walking and I love to walk. You should def mix your walking with some toning exercises too. I have kids too and know time is of the essence but once your little one is in bed you should set aside twenty mins and do some toning exercises. This will reduce the saggy skin that you are dreading. They will also help with toning the post baby tum. Sit ups are great for this. Trust me it does work.
Good luck :rolleyes:


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Yeah thats my plan - no more sitting infront of tv with crisps and chocolate. I'll get the wii fit out then. Cant afford a gym membership and LT anyway. Aw I hate situps but you're right they do the trick - might take me a few weeks to get into them though!!
i walk alot but not anything to hard


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Thanks so much for the advice - I've started Lt now.

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