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Do you count actual carbs every day??

In the past when doing atkins, i have just stuck to the allowed food list and only weighed my salad. (if i remember rightly this generally worked and i had goodish losses)
However today i have tried tallying up my carbs and actually counting them. This can be a bit time consuming and if i could get away with it, would rather do what i did in the old days. Can you advise what you do? I just want to get this right.

Also do you count eggs as having any carbs? looking at the food label, it says no carbs but i notice other people on here counting 1g for them?
Sorry for all the questions
thanks, Katy x
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Hi Tickle,

Ive been using a web site called FATSECRET to log all my carbs. Im not weighing anything at all. Im eating my 'legal' foods and having tiny salads or veggies with meals.
I lost 11lb last week on week 1 so i can be going wrong.

On FATSECRET it counts everything. I think it counts 1g for eggs but its american and you can edit accordingly. I would rather overcount carbs then your not going to go wrong. good luck!
Thats a brilliant loss, July, well done!!!
I`ll have a look for that website thanks, will be good to have something that does it all for me.
In the past i wouldnt have had things like sour cream etc but really want this to be a long term thing hence why i want to get it right
Thanks again
Hi katy,

I did count carbs when I was in Induction and OWL, but not that strictly to be honest. I measured by the coffee mug (US cup) for the veggies and pretty much nothing else, but I was eating unprocessed meat and fish mainly. I didn't use any LC products at all. I didn't count eggs either.

My only problem was cheese, it stalled me all the time so I had to be careful with that.


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Im a saddo and i plan my meals a week ahead - I have a kind of weight watchers diet plan sheet I made myself and I work out how many carbs in each meal and each day. Im a bit of a list lover to be honest and it suits be to be organised so I can plan ahead.
That's not sad Vicky, I sort of did the same, not an actual list, but I'd think what I wanted to eat the next week whilst we were shopping.
Thanks for your words of wisdom guys.
Vicky we sound like we are the same, i love lists!! I make lists about what I want to make lists about haha!

But i do do something similar, plan a week ahead, construct a shopping list from it and thats that.

Im not and dont intend to use any low carb products either Jim, i know what you say about cheese, the one i got from iceland says it is totally carb free but still only having an ounce or 2 a day, at least for now. Dont know how accurate labeling is.

Have been to newcastle today to take my mam up for eye lasering (poor thing) and she said she would take me to lunch for driving her. It was ALL bready etc, no meat dishes in sight, there was a ham salad but thought id rather not risk going over carbs so early in the day so had my trusty hard boiled egg and ounce of cheese. Quite enjoyed it actually and it filled me right up so am happy with that. Oh did have a diet coke tho, only a small glass and my baby ending up sipping a bit and spitting half his mouth full of biscuit in (nice!) so didnt have much in the end. Anyway im waffling now hehe


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Vicky we sound like we are the same, i love lists!! I make lists about what I want to make lists about haha!
me too :) i have lists on my phone on my fridge etc :)
Lol at your baby too - definately trying to tell you something. Is your mum ok - did the laser hurt at all? Have often thought about having it done but havent got the guts.
Im exactly the same, i write a list where ever i can!
Shes okay thanks, when i dropped her off it had started to water quite a bit and was feeling quite sore and gritty. They say that only lasts 24 hours tho. Was really quick, she was only in having the actual eye procedure for about 10-15 mins x
Yes katy, my mother had that done, very quick and she was fine again in a couple of days.
i think it helps jotting down what you've eaten.
i check the g and make sure it balances out to 20 for the day, tho just startin out with the veg etc ..1 coffee cup full, are we talking a big coffee cup?
eggs i dont count either


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katie i go by what is on the packet rather than cups/mugs
Yes Vicky, but loads of fresh green leaf veggies don't come in packets.;)
Yes, but are they marked with carb values. I think not. :D


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they are. the cabbage or spring greens i get from morrisons does :)

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