Do you do a calorie count diary with this? Also eating out meals...


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Was wondering how you keep track on dietchef, do you just stick to the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack with whatever the milk/veg/fruit allowance is or do you actually need to tally up what you've had each day since the meals vary caloriewise?

I know it says about swapping a meal for a similar calorie meal out can be done but how practical have you found this? Or do you just have a sneaky day off lol Was thinking boots shapers things would be easy as a substitute lunch now and then as the calories are clearly on the packaging but restaurants it's anyone's guess isn't it?

Impatient for my first lot to arrive now!
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I have a little note pad which I write down what I have eaten and the amount of kcals, so I total them up at the end of the day Also put down how much water I have drank!

I think its a good idea, then you can swap over foods and still stay at around 1200.