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do you eat all your calories?

Hi everyone!

im back on these boards, but with RC again.

i started class about 4 weeks ago. Im on my 2nd week of the 1400 kcal.

my OH has been following this with me too, and we seem to be feeling ok on it.

so cos im very heavy after weds my cal allowance will go up to an amazing 1800! thats an extra 400kcals!!

do you eat all your cals? is it cos weve been used to eating not many now? and extra 400 seems loads and im not sure how i can eat them!

i dont remember having this dilema last time i did RC!! lol

im assuming i NEED to eat these cals cos my body will go in to starvation? OH asked me if we dont feel we need the cals why do we have to eat them?
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The calories are to stop starvation, the calories you are given to eat is the amount that you body can run on with using some fat reserves giving you the weight loss. Im on 1650 and struggle but I am now having a milk drink or snack ajacks in the evening keeping under the 5% rule.But if I have anight out I do save some calories from each nightbutno more than 200 and then I can have the night out and not worry about my limit as I have extra saved up.but was told by instructor the maximum to save was upto 600 over 3 nights and no longer.

Hope it all works out if not have a word with your instructor about it ;)
I am new to RC - have done it pre-babies and it was the diet that worked best for me... I have been doing it a few weeks now and still on the 1200 cal a day..... should I have moved up to more????
Just answering someone else question on here and just had a looked in the back of the book and have ready that after the 28 day plan you then move on to calorie allowance based on weight..... age and sex..... I was continuing with the 1200 cal a day thinking it would help me shift it quicker... but maybe not ???
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I'm on 1700 and at first it was really difficult to eat it all. But it really helped me stick with it.

Ineedtobegood - it is better for you to increase the calorise. This should help you maintain the losses.
Think I might up them then - but not 100% sure what to do - 1400 is the next level to move to I think as losses are definitely becoming smaller now - on MFP is tells me that 1200 is the calories I should be eating ? and you can earn more from exercise....... wonder if this is the same as going up to 1400 with the exercise the RC suggests? - not managed to fit much of that in at the mo tho - too busy with kids and after school activities :(

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