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do you eat while your stressed?

well i have ofsted this wed and thur [i am a secondary school teacher, an before anyone says it, i know my spellings are rubbish!;)]

so ontop of this HUGE stress i have someone who is useless in my department an relaly winding me up how useless he is. so much so his crappness is effecting my work cos he dont do as he is meant to.

so seeing as i have 300 cals left for today, im going to finally get off this laptop, stop working and watch some tv with a SOco and cola and chocolate. stressed eating, dont worry, i wont go on a binge.
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Oh I eat when im stressed and bored. But I have nothing to do at all because I've just lost my job and i have no money to go to the gym or go swimming (I like swimming a lot)
Argh yes Ofsted is evil XD I remember well how moody my school teacher used to get around that time. Kinda harsh way to judge a teacher's capability tbh.

anyway I always eat when stressed, and as I am stressed a lot, this is one of the reasons i find dieting very hard. I am doing my best to avoid triggers at the moment and do other things when stress overwhelms me because once i eat bad things I crash because I feel like a failure. -_-;
use all limbs...more you the work those arms & legs the better..
even laying on the floor and exercise...need any help with what type/kind of exercises etc just ask x
I eat when I'm stressed deffinately, it's horrible! I recently split from my fiance and all I seem to have been doing is eating lots of disgusting foods (mainly cereal though). It's not helpful at all because the eating loads is just creating more stress. Silly body.
omg OFSTED are horrid, the head teacher bought cakes into the staff room to cheer everyone up, i had one, but i havent veared off my calories other then that so its all good, also been hitting 9000 steps everyday so thought what the heck, the head dont buy cakes everyday, take advantage. hehehe. altho mum bought krispy kreme donuts today, so will work out how many cals i had so far to see if i can risk another treat
o wel one more day of inspectors in school.
funny though a teacher heard a student say 'i wish it was ofsted all the time, lessons are fun and teachers are nice!' so i guess students cant see our stress haha. oh well, little do they know its its becuase they are on their best behaviour and actually doing as we say which makes us nicer!
I work in a school too so I can relate to the whole Ofsted thing.
Major stressful time! :(

I used to say "I don't get stressed", but really I just never realised that instead of feeling the sress, I numbed it with food.

Now I can see that, and have other ways of relieving stress that doesn't mean eating. It can be something simple, so long as you honestly enjoy what it is you are doing, it's suprising what can take your mind off comforting foods.

Believe it or not, one of the things that I do to relieve stress is to take photographs of myself! lol Very big-headed, but it works, so what the hey! :D

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