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Do you feel like you could do it alone?

I'm havin a rant, yet again. I haven't lapsed and I won't... but today has just been sh*t.

It was our first group since xmas, and although I ate over xmas I still managed to lose 8lbs at a pop-in last week. However... at todays WI I only lost 3lbs... despite sticking to it ALL WEEK.

So anyway, I was thinking...... for such RUBBISH weight losses, I could probably do this myself. I know that 3lbs is alot to some people, and sorry because I don't mean to offend you... but taking into consideration my previous losses, and my current weight... a 3lb week is just going to take me YEARS to lose what I need to lose.

I've gotta be honest, I've never struggled with diets like "everyone else"... everyone I speak to seems to have tried every diet going, and LL is their last resort, whereas, LL is the first diet I've come across that seemed appealing. Does anyone get to the point where they just want to leave and do it on their own?? Obviously I wouldn't have the packs but I'm sure I could work out 500 calories and just eat that for the day.

I think one thing that has made it worse is that a girl I know started tonight (in a separate group) and I just don't want to bump into her on future weeks... so it makes me not want to go :cry:
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Stop right there with the crooked thinking honey!

A 3 lb weight loss is great, and bear in mind that this may also include some of the damage you were lucky to get away with over your christmas indulgences! Be proud of the fact that you have had a loss this week which you could never get on any other diet.

I am sure that next week will be better for you, and we all have the odd wierd week where for no sensible reason we lose less than usual - its one of the mysterious of this diet which no-one has been able to explain.

If you ate just 500 cals a day you would not get the nutritional balance you need, and you will probably make the wrong choices - without the key of ketosis remember how hungry we feel - imagine trying to survive on low cal and contend with hunger!

Look at the big picture claire, in a matter of weeks you have lost 47 lbs - an average per week of 6 lbs - that is amazing.

Regarding the girl you know - can you not avoid bumping into her? Or perhaps you should brave it and speak to her? You are so supportive to all of us on here, and she may need some support from a friendly face to get through her own journey.

All in all - chin up Claire - celebrate what you have achieved, and don't focus on the negative - this is the only way to get through this in one piece (well - hopefully half a piece!)

Love and hugs,



Seeking thinner peace
Hi Claire,

What's the problem exactly. Is it (1) The :airquote:small:airquote: loss this week, (2) the group sessions or (3) the cost.

If LL is working, my bit of hard learned wisdom from serial dieting is: Get to goal with the one programme. You'll have a lifetime of maintenance to 'go it alone'. You are so lucky to be on your very first diet. Let this be the one you lose all your weight with once and for all.

3lb is 3lb less than you weighed yesterday. A stone a month is doable on vlcd's so take 4 week view of your losses rather than get hung up on the weekly losses. Look at it this way, Xmas week you lost 8lb without trying. The next you lost three, Thats 11 lb in what, 2 or 3 weeks? Not at all bad.
Hi Claire...

I agree with the above posts - haveing dieted most of my adul tlife - to put yourself on 500 calories of conventional food is a ticket to failure. You would not be able to do it without ketosis. You would starve.

3 pounds a week - thats a minimum of 12 pounds a month - probably more - no other diet I have done has those results.

You were lucky with your loss at xmas, and in fact, you may have even had a slight gain covered by a loss before and afer hence the lower loss this week....in other words, Christmas has caught up but becaus you are abstaining again you still had a loss.

I think you need to just get your head down and power through this and be patient. There is no instant cure, and this is the fastest plan I have EVER heard of. You will never get these results on Slimming World, or Weight Watchers, etc.....I wouldn't think so anyway.

Look at the big picture as said....and do step away from crooked thinking.

Honestly hon, if you were to do VLCD on your own you will soon give up and put back on what you lose and then some.

Hang in there - bite the bullet - suffer for a short term and then spend the rest of your life slim. You are lucky this is your first diet. Do this one - mak it the last one.

Come on kiddo - you can do it!!! <hugs>
you have definitely got crooked thinking going on. Just because you start off (like me) weighing heavier than others in your group does not mean that you are going to loose more each week, it doesnt work like that. One of the slimmest in our group (size 16 to start with) lost more each week than anyone else. I started off at a size 26 and still loose an average of 3lbs per week. Im afraid with the attitude that 3lbs is a 'rubbish weight loss' you are going to get very dispondant and depressed.You have to put this into perspective and quickly before you sabbotage yourself.

Yes you could diet yourself, however doing it on 500cal a day will make you ill as you wont get the vitamins and minerals you need to function properly. Nor will you get the counselling to help prevent you from putting the weight back on again.

I'm sorry you are having a 'down day' but really you have nothing at all to worry about
HI Claire,

You are doing so well on LL that I would strongly advise you against giving up. However, if you have decided that LL isnt for you, then have you thought about trying Cd which is another VLCD.

It is not safe to do 500 calories a day with conventional food. You will not be getting all the nutrients you need and your body will eventually go into starvation mode and start storing fat.

You are lucky as the others have said to be on your first diet. Treat it as the "golden time" and see your journey through to the end.

good luck with whatever you decide. xx
Hi Claire

Going it alone is not the best idea. Before I read all the science involved in this diet I though you could attain the same by going on a very low calorie diet. All that happens is that you end up really hungry (far hungrier than on the packs), really grouchy because your blood sugars are all over the place, loosing muscle rather than weight because the body is in starvation mode (think of the picks of staring people you see on the telly - huge bellies and sticks for arms and legs) and you completely screw up your metabolism. Not least of which because once you start eating and your body comes out of starvation, it lays down fat stores in case you ever go into starvation again - this is why people who go on low cal diets end up in a yo yo cycle - their metabolism is screwed because the body "remembers" the bad times. DONT DO IT!!!!

And as for the girl you dont like - see her as a challenge - make sure you are slimmer than her every time you see her and take the satisfaction from that. I know if it were me I would see her as competition to spur me on, rather than jack in...she then wins!

In short...step away from the bad thoughts, open your bottle of water and get on with it - this is the only safe and scientifically proven way of losing this amount of weight this quickly.

Good luck xxx:eek:
PS - dont exaggerate! Even at 3 lbs per week, you will have lost your remaining 108 in 36 weeks - that is by 15th September....which is hardly years away. Having a baby takes longer than that!!!! xxx


Strong women stay slim
Think of it like this claire... you are doing this for you , if you see her hold your head up and just keep going ... but the meetings on LL are what you are paying for , and the surrport is good . I think you have to sign up for 3 months am i right on LL ? Might as well use it up , then you can swap for CD at half the price ? But the loses you are getting were good and i guess sometimes it goes like that ... taht it will slow down ... but the next week you may lose more . You are doing so well. anyway Claire ... you are one of them keeping us all going with our VD weight lloses so come on lol
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I abstained over Christmas and if I remember you had a thread saying you were eating whatever you like. I lost 6lbs over Christmas, but over the new year period, (where I picked a tiny bit) I only lost 2.4lbs.

But I am really happy with that, I havn't been on a diet where when I cheated I still lost weight.

I am now 100% abstinence again and am determined to lose, as long as it goes down.

Your post came across with anger and disappointment, but we all get angry and disappointed so onwards and upwards.

Please dont try and do it alone, stick with it.

Good luck Claire, we dont want to lose your lively posts you can do this, as they say 3lbs a week is almost a stone a month.
I do understand your frustration (I wrote a similarly angry post when I'd put ON 0.5lb despite being exemplary!) but 3lbs is not a poor loss. The "promise" is a stone a month which is 3.5lbs a week - you're not far off that and have had fantastic weeks so far taking you way ahead. As has been pointed out, you just couldn't lose this on another diet. And I have always found that my body works in arrears - so a transgression tends to show up the following week, it could be a Christmas reaction (sadly you rarely get away with stuff scott (or calore) free!)

As for eating 500 cals a day on your own - you might think you can do it but it's so much easier to let little slips become bigger ones, unless you have a willpower of steel, and suddenly you've put on a stone in a month, rather than lost it. Believe me, I did it (I don't have much willpower at all, let alone one of steel I have to add!).

As annoying as it probably is to hear, you just have to grit your teeth and keep going and keep the faith.

Good luck

Deb G

Silver Member
Agreeing with all the above really. You WON'T find a quicker type of diet, and 500 cals on your own will leave you starving hungry and fighting with your willpower ALL the time. Don't do it!

We're only expected to lose about a stone a month, so you are on target with 3 lbs this week, and as your average is 6lbs a week, I really don't think you have anything to be complaining about! I averaged 4lbs a week - and I thought that was brilliant! If Sept is your LONGEST date (at 3lbs a week) then I think you will have done well.

Just think - how many years has it taken you to get this big? Then think about how quickly you can lose it.

Stop thinking so hard, stick to the programme and you'll be fine.
Claire I hope you're feeling better and brighter today and that you're seeing the diet on a more positive note.

Seriously you're doing brilliantly - I've just worked out that your average loss of 47lb in 8 weeks is 5.87lb a week, now you can't complain at that.

Losing the average of a stone a month you're going to be at goal by mid summer but if you give up now it's not likely that you will be.

As for the girl well there's only you who knows what's gone on as to why you don't want to see her but you could always arrive 5 minutes late or leave 5 minutes early if your feelings are so strong towards her ..... if they're not then go to the whole of your class knowing that she's going to see less and less of you each week :)

Stick with it, you can do it.
Right... I thought I'd steer clear of this for a while because I was in such a bad mood yesterday I was just going to pass it on!!!

Good news is that I'm sorted... !!!!!!! Thanks v v v much for all ur replies, I logged on earlier and read them but didn't have time 2 reply but its much appreciated.!!

I didn't lapse (although I didn't think I would) and I am in a much more positive mood today. I have decided that although 3lbs isn't asmuch as usual, it can be alot worse ~(like putting on) so I should be pleased.

Also, about the girl... I was at my friends earlier (the friend who told me she was starting yesterday) and she happened to ring... I went on the phone to her and wished her the best of luck and was just generally quite positive... I even gave her my number incase she was having problems :eek:

Anyway........ so everythings GREAT. I feel alot better for deciding to stick with it and I WILL stay with this until the end.

Thanks all for ur support... it really helped... xx

....... Now... where's that bottle of water ;)


Back to the grindstone!!
Well done Claire!!
Positive attitude wins the day! I am glad you are feeling better about things now. I got losses of 2.5lbs every week pretty much and even though it isn't a stone a month I just saw it as how my body reacted to the VLCD. I just reminded myself every week that it was weight gone and now I have lost over 80lbs! It does get there and you will get there.
Plenty of water and will power!!!
Hi Claire
So glad you're feeling better. I had weeks where I only lost 0.5 lbs but the weight loss always caught up in the end. You're burning fat all the time whether the scales tell you or not!
Hello. If it's any help, I did a vlcd about 15 years ago in America, under a diet doctor. We just had a very strict food list, a vitamin pill and weekly injections of, I think, B6. I stuck to it, was absolutely shattered (with 2 small children as well) lost loads of weight, had terrible leg cramps, stuck to it some more, and ended up skinny. There was no RtM type thing, so once you were off the diet you were given sensible eating advice and you were on your own. To cut a long story short, I had terrible food cravings (never had them before) and gained all the weight back.

So I learned the hard way that you need loads of support and guidance to make this work for life, and the real work hasn't started yet!!!!
I have decided that although 3lbs isn't asmuch as usual, it can be alot worse ~(like putting on) so I should be pleased.

Anyway........ so everythings GREAT. I feel alot better for deciding to stick with it and I WILL stay with this until the end.
Good girl. :) You should copy the above and post it where you can refer to it when you feel down or frustrated - I know sometimes that helps me to remind myself of my more positive thinking when I feel like giving in. :)

Glad it's coming together again for you Claire! x

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