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Do you find drinking water a struggle?


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Im just interested to know... truthfully, how much water people are managing to drink daily?..

And how you drink it... sip in a glass? through a straw, what works for you.

I find drinking 2 litres a day extremely hard!!!!! and I know I should be drinking more.. any advice!?
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YES!!!!!! I was a squash addict, to be specific I was a robinsons orange and mango addict. I find water a bit yuck. Ive bought a 1 litre bottle of water with a sports cap thingy and just fill it up and glug from it, I try to get through 3 bottles, but its a struggle! I tend to have 1 bottle before lunch, 1 in the afternoon and one after 4pm.

Sarah Lou

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I have fizzy plain water around three litres a day and the water used in my shakes. I also bought a tub of summer berry drinks mix from my cdc at the weekend and that's really helped :)

Happy Glugging :)


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I have my water hot, with a bit of CD orange flavouring in and I get through at least 20 mugs a day! It is so much easier than drinking cold water, and it quenches my thirst better too. I love it, and I think I will always drink it in the future too x


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I drink it plain but filtered at room temp (which is fairly chilled at moment in my kitchen as i keep the heating off a lot in there). I get through about 3 litres a day and I find it easier to drink from a sports bottle rather than a glass for some reason. I tend to take 3-5 big mouthfuls each time I pick up the bottle.


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I hate drinking water, I drink about 3 litres, one of which has the orange water flavouring in. I like it really cold, with lots of ice. Sometimes I get head freeze as I do drink it quite quickly. Remember you are only supposed to have 1 portion a day as it may slow your loss if you have more. x


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I hate water however seem to be getting between 3 and 4 litres down a day. For me I:
- only drink it cold
- drink it out of 500ml bottles
- have a post it on my desk/or by my tv at home with the numbers 1-8 written on it. After each bottle I tick off the relevant number.
- try and space it through the day (I have reminders 4 times a day on my calendar at work (and in my phone) reminding me that its time to refill my bottle
- I try and tie it in to targets i.e. if I need the toilet...don't let myself go until I have finished my current water bottle. Or if I want my next shake, dont allow myself until I finish my current water bottle.

All in all - it seems to be working. Hoping at some point soon I won't have to think so hard about it!

Hope you can use some of those ideas to help you.


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Im just about to start diet and am dreading only being able to drink water. Esp when you cant use the flavourings until week 3. Im just going to try and keep water cold to make it easier.


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I find Im completely unable to drink cold water!..Ironic as when Im not dieting I love iced cold water!

But I have to drink it luke warm on CD!....much easier
when I was on Lipotrim they didnt allow water flavouring , and i used to struggle to get 2 litres down me .. now I use the CD orange flavouring , and I use 1.5 teaspoon a day in 3.5 litres of water and always drink it all :) I fill up a 2 litre bottle and a 1.5 litre bottle with the flavoured water every evening and put it in the fridge , then keep refilling my 750ml water bottle ( the ones you buy water in with the spout ) and glug all day , the flavours make a huge difference to me and I had them from day 1 on CD and still got into ketosis on day 4 :)


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Hi, I am drinking about 2-3.5 ltrs a day. I find it a bit harder at work, but on the week-end I just fill my 2 ltr bottle twice (am and pm) and it seems to just go by the night.


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Day 1 and on pint 4....harder than I thought! Looking forward to week 3 and the flavourings!


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I don't so much find drinking the water a problem - with me it's the problem of needing to pee all the time when I do :) Not so good at work, nor in the car nor shopping in town. I find it a nightmare so I drink a big glass early in the morning (which I hope has gone by the time I leave home) and then as much as I can manage at night.


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It can certainly be a problem fitting it all in I find. I'm best at work where I've usually done 2.5 litres by lunchtime drinking out of 500ml bottles and re-filling from the fountain in the office. I do visit the loo a lot though and at weekends if we are out and about my whole drinking regime has to change as I'm governed by where I can use the loo. Tried the berry flavour when I was on CD before and didn't like it which is putting me off the orange to be honest. I do have sparkling water or soda water if we go out so there is a bit of a mixture. Generally its the loo that's a problem for me lol xx